Why there are only 4 seasonal Colour Palettes

4 seasonal colour palettes that's it

4 seasonal colour palettes

Why colour is confusing.

Confused about Colour? You’re not alone. The whole colour world is awash with so much information, explanation and uncertainty in 2022 that even the colour consultants are struggling to work out what season their clients are.

Think about it. With over 16 million colours (an endless number) how are we to work out our colours accurately? And with the systems being updated regularly with individual interpretation, how is it possible to find a system that is easy to follow and can give you confidence in the colours your wearing?

Colours are a game changer.

The right colours

It’s no doubt, wearing the right colours can totally change your image and many women long to have their colours done. Wearing the right colours will make you look younger, slimmer, more attractive, well groomed and vibrant.

Some women I have met have had their colours done once, twice or multiple times.

Unfortunately over the years as a colour consultant, I have consulted with too many women who are so confused about their colours and have had them done many times, only to find they’re still confused and unhappy with the results. Thankfully they were able to get their colours done correctly with an accurate colour analysis.

How colours have changed?

Colour me beautiful

Remember the 70’s?  Colour me Beautiful was the rage. Everyone was getting their colours done. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. What season are you? Life seemed pretty simple and the colour world offered us a mere 4 seasons to choose from.

Then someone decided that 4 seasons just wasn’t enough. I mean how many different types are there? Blondes, brunettes, red heads, Black haired women. Dark skin, light skin. Blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes.

And so many many different systems emerged, to accommodate the different types. How can 4 seasons only accommodate everyone they thought.

Dark Winter, Dark Autumn, True Autumn, Warm True Autumn, Soft Autumn, Soft Summer, True Spring, Light Spring, True Summer, True Winter, to name a few.

Some have even included personality types into the mix.

It’s claimed you can determine your colours by your hair colour, eye colour, whether you have blue or green veins. Have you ever tried to work that one out?

This is just a taste of the many and various new ways to determine your colours.

Alas I have never known a client that has been happy with a diagnosis that’s been done this way.

How do you determine what season a colour is?

Tester colour drapes

To be able to accurately determine your colours, the consultant must be experienced in working out what season a colour is.

Why there are only 4 seasons.

4 seasonal colours

The reason why the original 4 seasonal colour palettes were the best and most accurate is 1 reason only.

Every single colour can fit into one of 4 palettes.

It will be a cool dominant colour. A warm dominant colour. A cool muted colour or a warm bright colour. That’s it. 4 palettes only. Every single colour will be one of those 4 categories. So when you look at a colour you can ask yourself this question is it cool or warm? Is it Dominant or not? That’s how you choose colours for your wardrobe once you know what season you are.

And the only way to accurately determine your colours is to cover your hair and to see how the colours from all 4 palettes reflect upon your skin. Your Underskin. There are certain questions to ask yourself. Does this colour look too dull, bright, light, heavy etc. As well as some other questions.

So in conclusion.

The original 4 seasonal colour palettes are the best and most accurate.

Knowing what season a colour fits into is important.

Finding colours that enhance the underskin tone is the key.

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