Colour and style Workshop Sydney

Colour and style Workshop Sydney

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Colour and style Workshop


This 3 hour workshop has proven to be transformational for many hundreds of women.

You will discover the keys to image success and how you can look your best with confidence and style.

Have fun with a group or create your own group of women in your home or workplace.

What you will discover

1. Your Colours. You will have a professional colour analysis and learn about the thousands of colours that suit you (seasonal colour swatches are available to purchase)

2. The right hair colour and style

3. Make up in the right colours

4. Learn the 12 top tips to youthful make up

5. How to build a functional and stylish wardrobe

6. How to build a capsule wardrobe

7. How to accessorise

8. How to dress your age and shape

So many testimonials about this workshop being fun, informative and so inspiring


For that flawless make up look YCS Foundations in your Colours are simply the best


"Every woman needs a little lipstick"

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"Beauty at any age"

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"Every woman is beautiful. Capture you're unique beauty"

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