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Your top to Toe Transformation with your Colours

“Colour is the key to your Image Success”



Find your colours with this online video.

Your Personal Image
and Style

Ros Holden, Colour and Style Image Consultant Sydney since 2006. Situated in Ramsgate NSW.

Personal style begins with your colours. Each consultation is about exploring the power of colour. Clients quickly recognise the importance of wearing their colours and why they haven’t been realising their true Image potential.

A colour analysis is the beginning of everything to do with Image and Style. A seasonal colour swatch is included in this 3 hour consultation. You will learn all you need to know to become your own personal Image Stylist.

Find out more about Ros and Your Colours and style

Wardrobe Analysis

Once you know about your colours and style, you will want to get into your wardrobe and have a complete wardrobe cull.

It’s a great place to start your capsule or even more extensive wardrobe if you prefer. Wardrobe inventory and then fashion
injections are discussed on the day.

Personal Shopper

When was the last time you went shopping and had too many items to choose from?

That’s what knowing your colours will do for you. You not only have so many options but you’ll soon see your style goes to a whole new level of creativity.

Group make up sessions

Group Colour and Style Sessions

Why not save a few dollars whilst having  some amazing fun with a few girlfriends.

Group sessions run with a number of 4-8 women for 5-6 hours. Bring food and drinks and enjoy a day of utter transformation

clients transformation

Every transformation starts with a Colour and Style Analysis Consultation

Before and After

Colour Analysis and Make Up

Before and After

Colour and Style and Make Up

Before and After

Colour Analysis and Shop Your Wardrobe

before and after

Colour and Style & New Wardrobe


Colour Analysis and Make Up

before and after

Colour Analysis and Personal Shopper

What my customers say...

Read more testimonials here

Latest trends

What’s all the fuss about colour?

Colours is making a big time Comeback and I’m all for it, because colour is the key to our Image Success.

Your Slimmest Colours

There are certain colours that make you look slimmer, younger, more vibrant and more attractive.

Your ONLINE Colour analysis

I am so glad to announce I have created an online colour analysis course to reach all the women around the world that are interested in knowing their colours, all in the comfort of their own home.