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Sydney Personal Stylist and Colour Consultant Ros Holden since 2006

Contact ros@yourcoloursandstyle.com.au

Phone Number 0413875471

My very first experience with Colour was way back in the 90's when Knowing your Colours was a big thing. Everyone knew about Colour me Beautiful and "getting your colours done"

I was sold and from that point on loved the idea and concept of colour. Little did I know that one day I would be passionate about helping women with their colours.

But in 2006 I began my Colour and Style business and spent 10 long years learning all I could about Colour, because I really believe that Colour is the key to your Image success.

Over the many years as a Colour Stylist I have seen thousands of women transform from top to toe when they know and understand their colours well and adapt the colour system to every aspect of their image. I particularly love working with women over the age of 40 because that is when women realise things have changed and they need to change something to get some results.

It thrills me to see women achieve their true potential, look younger and more attractive and gain so much more confidence in their colours.

I love to help them with the education and skills for their hair, make up and wardrobe. 

Your Colours and style provide the following services.

Colour and style Consultations


Dress for Success workshops and training

Personal Shopping


Wardrobe analysis


Your Colours make up


Ageless  make up classes

Anti-aging skin care


All our services and products provide a 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Free returns policy

Call for all returns 0413875471