Testimonials – Your Colours And Styles


Before and after

I have attended a couple of Ros Holden's workshops and I couldn't be happier with the results. Her specialty is working with mature women and not only did I update my wardrobe with more flatering colours but my new skincare regime is simple with noticable results. Not one to fuss too much with make-up, I learned some easy techniques to make the most of my best features while still looking natural which is important to me. Do yourself a favour and connect with Ros.

Kathleen Ann-Lugarno

I am one of those who had closet full of clothes but nothing to wear!! Thank God for Ros. She helped me culled my wardrobe. Literally with half my clothes gone I feel like I have a “new” wardrobe with clothes that I can mix and match! Thank you so much Ros! You are amazing! I truly recommend Ros to those who have closet full of clothes but nothing to wear!!!


"Many years ago in Brisbane, I had my colours done and started to use Colours which I understood I was meant to be. Years later I contacted Ros Holden at Your Colours and Style and after sending photos I learnt I was not wearing the right colours. I was having great difficulty understanding then what colours to buy so I put a shopping trip with Ros on my bucket list. I live in Weipa, a remote mining town at the tip of Cape York. Much further up than Cairns so it was very difficult to buy clothes from magazines and with my trips to Cairns I only came home frustrated because I just was confused about what colours to buy. I finally told Ros I was coming, paid for my flight on the frequent flyer, and flew to Sydney which was a place I only remember as a visit when I was a child. The traffic and number of people were amazing and so were the shops because they were all done up for Christmas. I met Ros for the first time on a Wednesday morning and we had a discussion as to what I was looking for in clothes and off we went on a big adventure and we actually never got out of David Jones. I was in the fitting room and Ros just kept bringing me clothes to try on. Except for a couple, I loved them all. I was so excited that while she was out getting more clothes for me I was excitedly telling a captive audience in the dressing room all about your Colours and Style. On a Friday afternoon, I met Ros at her home and had a makeup makeover which I learnt a lot from I am now home and had a good clean out of my clothes to the op shop. People say they love my new blouses, slacks, dresses etc wherever I go and it makes you feel so good. I highly recommend the shopping trip and makeup makeover you will never be sorry and I plan to go again one day."

Yvonne from Weipa, Cape York

"I attended Ros' How to Build a Functional & Stylish Wardrobe at St George/Sutherland Community College as I felt my style needed an update now that I am in my 50s. Ros walked in and my first thought was 'wow this woman looks so beautiful, elegant and stylish! I want to look that good too!'. Ros gave us our colour reading and taught us tips and tricks to look youthful and elegant (we were all mature women who attended). I followed this up with her Youthful Makeup at Any Age course. I was amazed at how Ros could customise each of our makeup to suit our facial features and make us look our best. This has just been the start of my style journey. My colleagues and friends are amazed at my transformation and always comment on how great, elegant, youthful and stylish I look. They ask me what my secret is. That's easy - it's Ros! I'd recommend these courses and Ros to anyone who wants to look their best, at any age. Ros has changed my life!!"

Susan from Gymea

"I was lucky enough to win a colour consult & style makeover with Ros which spurred me on to cull out all the clothes overflowing my wardrobe. By following her advice & using the colour swatch I am on my way to achieving a functional wardrobe to suit my age (50's) & aware of the colours that make me look my best. Thank you, Ros"

Maryann from Barden Ridge

"Since discovering the vast number of colours that suit me, I have been able leave the house confident, knowing that the colours I am wearing look great on me and bring me to life. Now I can shop without hesitation, knowing what looks great on me. I would highly recommend Ros's services to anyone wanting to refresh their style, look their best and boost their confidence. She is friendly, to the point and very helpful."

Alice from Heathcote

"I saw Ros for a colour analysis to recheck my colours. She has excellent knowledge in the shades of colour for your skin colour & hair. I am a Summer season. Even the makeup I have purchased for my foundation, powder & lipstick are correct according to my skin tone and season. We discussed body shape and clothes I can wear for my apple body shape, the shades of the colours that suit the Summer Palette. It's very interesting & good knowledge to have when shopping for new clothes. Yes I would recommend Ros as a Colour & Style Consultant for a wardrobe revamp."

Deanne from Sutherland

"I had my initial meeting with Ros last year for a colour and makeup consultation. That helped me understand the colours that were suitable for me. I had no idea how important colour was in the selection of fashion. To put all of this knowledge into practice, I asked for Ros' help with a personal shopping experience. Previous to this I felt unbelievably overwhelmed by the shopping experience. I always bought clothes that never suited each other or me more importantly, and as a result, my wardrobe was completely impractical and a massive waste of money. Now being a mum of two, I needed to know what to look for and to select clothes that looked good and didn't require too much thought or time. Shopping was by far a stressful experience for me and I felt as though I'd failed before I had even begun. Asking Ros for her expertise helped to put all of the previous learnings into context. I cannot tell you how invaluable the shopping experience with Ros was. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity. Ros worked so effortlessly in that time frame to find me so many clothes that I never knew I could wear. A whole new world was opened up before my eyes. In addition to this, I've lost count at the number of compliments I've been given on the new clothes and accessories. It's such a change to what I've been used to. It's been a huge boost to my self confidence. I recently went for my first big shop by myself for winter clothes and I felt so much more confident and entered with a 'I've got this attitude'. No longer was shopping a hard or painful experience. Instead, I left feeling as though I'd accomplished so much in not a huge amount of time. I knew what I was looking for and knew what I needed to avoid. That feeling of confidence cannot be bought. Ros showed me how quick and easy it was to shop and to shop for success. I just didn't know what the possibilities were until I went on her shopping experience. I highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling like I did. Throw away your pride and ask someone who knows this domain. You will not regret it."

Alison from Cronulla

"Ros was recommended to me through a presenter at a conference who had previously had a session with Ros - and I was in my usual 'uniform' of all black which I had thought looked good. After a few hours with Ros my whole outlook on colours and how they suit me, as well as the impression others take away of me have totally changed. My almost all black wardrobe is having lots of colour added and the follow up support from Ros with ideas and confirmation if I'm not sure of something is invaluable. I'm getting lots of compliments and people are saying I look really well and have you been on holiday - all it is is a simple change in colours! Next I'll be updating my hair (had to wait for my hairdresser to come back), and then the transformation will be well on the way. I can highly recommend Ros to everyone - she is an absolute expert at what she does. When you think about it we see professionals for everything these days so why shouldn't we seek guidance on what suits us best to wear. If you're not taught how do you really know you are looking your best - first impressions count!"

Chris from Neutral Bay

Attended one of Ros's course at SGSCC Jannali and loved it. So many things I was doing wrong with my colours, now I only shop according to her rules and it's so easy now choosing colours and styles that suit me. Liked the course so much I did Ros's course make up for the mature woman again it's changed how I apply my make up I'm looking much younger. 5 stars for these two courses. Thanks again Ros

Jeannette Ramsgate Dec 29th 2018