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Your Colours Online Colour Analysis

This video will take you through the steps a professional image and colour consultant would take in determining your colours and equip you with an accurate analysis for all your colour and style needs.

It will also dispel all the myths around the many colour systems on the market.

You will learn the tips about how to identify the right colours for you, and what to look for when choosing any new garments or sorting your existing one.

There will be a follow up email to check your analysis and show you the next steps to implementing the multiple varieties of the colours that are part of your colour profile.

You will have access to a professional draping system that can be hired if you wish.

You will also have access to many style and colour tips through social media and blogs, which are invaluable to your creating your own signature style.

Colour is the key to looking younger and more attractive and this  tool is a powerful start to your image success.