Your Slimmest Colours

How to choose your slimmest Colours

Your Slimmest Colours

They say “you can never be too rich or too slim”. I’m not sure about that, but as a professional colour consultant I know there are certain colours that make you look slimmer.

Most mature women I know crave a more slender outline and one that doesn’t make us appear fat and frumpy, but can the colours we wear, help us to achieve that goal?

They most definitely can. So what would be your most slimming colours?

Is Black the most slimming Colour?

Is black slimming?

If you ask women what is the most slimming colour, the most outstanding answer would be black.

But is black the most slimming colour?

No it isn’t and here are 2 reasons why.

  1. Black is a non colour that sucks up all the light. There is no reflection from the colour black. This makes the colour appear dark, dull and heavy. It’s a misconception that black is light and slimming.
  2. Because black absorbs all light, the garment will have no “flow”. Flow means areas of light and shade. It appears to be completely block, again giving an“heavy” appearance.

But the misconception that black is your most slimming colour has gained lots of support. Sadly not everything you read is true.

How can colour make you slimmer?  

Slimmer colours

Is black slimming

It ‘s true colour plays a key role in helping us to look slimmer and more together. Especially when we wear our colours from top to toe.

Your colours will make you look lighter and brighter.

This works by allowing light onto the subject. The light that you need to draw to yourself. 

Wearing your colours from top to toe gives the illusion of slimness.

Without this colour cohesion an outfit can appear to look messy or sloppy.

Wearing colours from different palettes can cut the body up and also add unwanted weight to you.

Eg. If you wear a top from one colour palette and a pant from a different colour palette, you look mismatched,cut in half and that line across your middle adds "weight".

This can also happen by adding black pants to everything.

Always wear the right colours

Wearing your colours

Colour analysis

Sydney stylist

If you always wear the right colours from top to toe, you’ll look taller and therefore slimmer.

The right colours for you will also attract the right light to you as well.

How do you choose the right colours?

Now that you realize, wearing your colours can make you look so much slimmer and more co-ordinated and more stylish, how do you go about finding the colours that suit you?

There are an unlimited number of colours. Easily in excess of 16 million. That’s one of the major reasons why people find it difficult to differentiate between the right colours and the wrong colours to wear.

I would always recommend a good colour analysis from someone who has been gaining good reviews for accurate colour analysis work and preferably someone who’s been in the industry for many years.

 It’s so easy to get the colours wrong. A colour analysis literally takes less than 30 minutes. Always use the draping method and I prefer the original 4 seasons analysis from the Colour me Beautiful days.

Since then so many changes have occurred with various colour systems that can be quiet confusing.

I do know that if you practice wearing colour all the time, you have a good chance of getting your colours right over time.

Note which colours you get lots of compliments for and also the ones that make you look younger and more vibrant.

For more colour advice contact Your Colours and style.







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