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The four Seasonal Colour Palettes

The four Seasonal Colour Palettes

Where did the colour theories begin?

Colour wheel for colour analysis

Johannes Itten (1888-1967) was a Swiss painter, designer and theorist.

He believed colour could invoke feelings, and I agree. What do you feel when you walk into a strong bold monochromatic office? How do you feel when you visit a warm old country farm enriched with the golden hues of the Autumn Palette?

What colours do you envisage would enhance a seaside apartment, and how do you feel when you are in that space?  Do you feel light, airy, fresh and happy in the shades of the Muted Summer Palette.

Then there are the bright and light colours of Spring and how do we feel at that time of the year, when we experience new growth and blossoms of the bright spring palette?

Itten theorized seven types of colour contrast, contrast by hue, value, temperature, compliments, simultaneous contrast, contrast by saturation and contrast by extension. He explained by using a colour sphere with the primary colours of red, yellow and blue.

He was the first to associate colour palettes with four types of people and labelled these with the four seasons.

What are the four seasons?

Four seasonal colour swatches

After many years the four seasons were developed in the 1950’s.

These four seasons reflect the seasons of nature. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

It was a clever way of grouping the seasonal colours as they reflect characteristics of the seasons they represent. Colours of the Winter season like the black sky, the white ice and grey days, paint a picture of dominant cool clear colours.

The soft muted colours of Summer-clear blue sky, soft yellow sand, soft green grass and the calypso colours that accompany our beautiful summer season.  

Autumn ushers in the mossy greens and the brilliant colours of autumn leaves with the burnished colours of the trees.

Finally the delightful and delicate and bright colours of Spring with the fresh green grass and spring collection of budding flowers.

In relation to people, a particular colour palette with loads of variety can be designated to each person.

How did the four seasons  become 12 or 16 seasons?

After many years, certain colour consultants deemed that 4 seasons were not enough to identify the numerous “types” of people on the planet.

This only managed to dilute and distort a perfectly functional and accurate way of doing colours.

The original stated whether you are warm or cool ie, Autumn and Spring warm or Winter or Summer cool.

Then once that is determined a further breakdown accessed if you were the deeper or lighter of that breakdown.

So simple and so straightforward was this system. The problem was colour consultants failed to “see”the colours against the clients skin, thereby giving a false reading.

Therefore needing more sub categories.

And so we now have a further diluting of each of the four seasons, calling Spring warm, light and bright. Summer cool, light and soft. Winter bright deep and cool and Autumn warm, deep and soft which is just a further explanation of what these four main categories are. It’s just a repetition of what they are.

Further confusion with the seasonal colours.

Sadly now we have thousands of interpretations of what each of these colour breakups look like.

If you search it out each colour analyst will have different colours in each palette, and in fact most have a combination of all the seasonal colour palettes included in each category, with the colours from each of the spring, summer, autumn and winter palettes.

This leads to ultimate confusion for the client and a colour palette they adhere to with a real miss mash of colours and a totally uncoordinated wardrobe.

 I see these clients after a while and they are not adhering to their palette at all because the palette may only have some of their colours and many wrong colours.

My final analysis on colour.

Stick to the four seasonal colour palettes.

Find accurate colour palettes that identify colours this way.

Winter colours are Cool, blue based, strong, primary and bold. They include black, white, all greys, Deep deep chocolate brown, extremely pale icy colours for contrast and the rich primary colours.

Summer colours are also cool, soft, muted and contain the deep colours of milk chocolate brown, beiges, taupes, soft grey, soft denims, burgundys, mint greens, soft emeralds, lemon yellows, muted pinks and purples, wedgewood blues, light blues and soft muted navys

Autumn colours are rich and deep and warm. Pumpkins and ochres and rich warm purples and golden yellows and warm golden browns and creams and teal and muted blues and rich warm burgundys as well as orange reds and all oranges.

Spring colours are similar to Summer colours and are often mistaken because they are the less intense, versions of colours, but they are much brighter due to the warm component and yellow base. You have lime greens and soft warm corals and peaches and warm browns and warm caramel browns and yellow beiges. Bright blues and bright greens and bright yellows are the happy colours of Spring.


This is just a small sampling of the colours that fit into the four palettes. All I know as an experienced colour analyst your colouring will suit one only of the four seasonal colour palettes. From there the rest is easy just start wearing ALL the many many many colours in your beautiful palette for a beautiful and colourful and co-ordinated functional wardrobe.

For more information contact Your Colours and Style.







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An Accurate Colour analysis

An Accurate Colour analysis

What’s all the fuss about colour?

Accurate Colour analysis

Colours is making a big time Comeback and I’m all for it, because colour is the key to our Image Success.

I mean who doesn’t want to look younger, more vibrant, more attractive, more stylish and chic?

It’s a no brainer when it comes to fashion, colour can quickly transform your appearance.

So what’s all the fuss about and why are so many stylists and of course colour consultants and Image Consultants, hopping on the colour bandwagon?

Colour is so exciting.

Grace Kelly in her colours

I do think the most elegant, beautiful and stunning women know how to dress in their colours.

Think of the stars of the 50’s in those amazing gowns and extravagant wear, looking absolutely breathtaking in their gorgeous colours.

Colour is not only the most exciting way to dress but also the most individual way to dress.

Wearing your colours will make you not only more beautiful and stylish, but more creative as you learn how to use your colours well and create great colour combos and accessorise in an interesting manner.

How does a colour analysis work?

Colour analysis drapes

As a colour consultant the first thing I explain to my clients when having their colour analysis is what to look for in the draping.

Wrong colours highlight shadow, lines, dullness, redness, pigmentation and other flaws in the skin. They make our teeth look more yellow, the whites of the eyes not as white and our hair duller.

The correct colours even out the skin. They bring brightness, less shadow, lines and wrinkles.

Pigmentation, redness and aging are all less noticeable in the right colours. Our teeth look whiter, our hair looks brighter, when we wear our colours.

It’s really good to learn how to “read” your colours as you’re draped and a trained colour consultant should be able to point these things out to you.

This understanding helps immensely then when you’re shopping on your own with your own seasonal colour swatch.

Have a colour analysis

Colour analysis


The first thing to do to learn about your colours is to have a colour analysis.

This can be done online or in person

It’s just a simple 15 minute process that will change your Image world and transform your look overnight.

The consultant starts with a warm (coral) drape and then a cool (pink) drape to show the client how warm and cool reflects on their skin.

At this stage it should be obvious to the consultant, who informs their client, what each shade is doing and how it shows on the skin.

You have draped the warm and the cool and then you will go on to drape 4 red, blue, green, yellow and white colours in each season.

One of each, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter drapes are only necessary as every colour belongs in only 1 of 4 palettes.

The analysis uses colour groups from the 4 seasons.

Every colour has a value of either Cool Dominant which is classified in the Winter range of colours.

The Summer colours are classified as cool (blue based) muted colours

Autumn shades are yellow or red based warm strong colours.

Spring shades are warm also and yellow based but are much lighter than the Autumn colours and often appear brighter than the Summer shades.

Every single one of the infinite number of colours can be placed into 1 of these four categories.

This is the best place to start with colours.

Every client fits into only ONE of these categories.

It is impossible to be able to suit warm and cool colours at the same time.

Colours are warm and cool and neutral, not people. This is where some confusion has crept into the colour world.

Another confusion is when certain colours are placed into the wrong category of colours, so best to find a consultant that is experienced with working with colours.

If you have for example one of every green, 1 spring, 1 summer, 1 winter and 1 autumn green as you drape the consultant will be able to see just how each colour reflects upon your skin.

As they drape you with each colour component eg. All the reds, yellows, reds and blues, a pattern should form as in the same season will appear as the most flattering.

Everything in the draping should agree so that you can see that only ONE season comes up as the best season for you.

What a colour analysis is not.

Vein test for colours

In the past we have been told to determine your colours by your veins, or your hair or eye colour.

This is not an accurate way of telling your colours and should be avoided as a guide.

The hair needs to be covered and the drapes are accessed by your UNDER skin tone.

It can become very confusing, so I would suggest you find a good colour consultant with lots of experience and good reviews.

If you would like more information about having your colours done and having an accurate colour analysis please contact your colours and style.

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3 reasons why you'll want to wear your Colours

3 reasons why you'll want to wear your Colours

Colour is making a big comeback

Girl wearing her colours

Colours are making a big comeback. By that I mean people are having their colours done again and there seems to be a lot of interest in it.

You know colours was all the rage in the 70's.

Perhaps we're tired of dull and dreary. After all colour can lift one's spirits.

But aside from the euphoric state of being colour can create, why would you be enticed to completely change your entire wardrobe?

What's all the hype about colour anyway?

What is a colour analysis?

having your colours done

A colour analysis is a draping system that applies cloth to the subject to determine which category of colours suit the person's underskin tone.

It's a simple process that requires the analyst to use fabrics from different colour categories to get the "season" of colours right.

Once the season is determined, the client becomes aware of the colours they can choose within their season.

Because there are millions of colours, it's important to be able to learn how to choose those that suit you. This of course is something the analyst guides you in.

3 Important reasons to wear your colours.

There are lots of benefits to wearing your right colours, especially as you age, but I just want to talk about the major reasons why you'd be inspired to make the change to wear your colours all the time.

Reason no 1. Colour is probably the most powerful way to transform the way you look overnight.

Before and after

You can transform your look immediately by simply changing your hair colour, make up colour and clothing colours.

This is the major benefit to wearing the right colours.

Imagine looking more attractive, younger and more well groomed.

Reason no 2. You'll look more stylish by wearing the right colours.

Stylish outfit in your colours

Is there more to style than just the latest fashion, or the right cut?

There certainly is.

Have you ever worn an outfit that's you're style but just didn't feel good in it? It was

most certainly not the right colour for you.

Your colours blend and flow with you and will create your best style.

If you wear your colours they look like they belong to you. They are a part of you. Hence this is your style.

Reason no 3. You're wardrobe will be well co-ordinated and functional.

Is you're wardrobe messy and disfunctional?

It's stems from a missmatch of different seasons and colours that are not compatible with you.

It can be depressing to step into a wardrobe like this. Full of clothes but nothing to

wear. I call this Image anxiety. How to have no confidence in what you wear.


 Messy wardrobe

If you want a wardrobe that's functional, stylish and beautiful get the colours right and do a really thorough wardrobe cull.

Functional capsule wardrobe

So let's make 2023 the start to a functional, stylish and fabulous wardrobe you'll love stepping into and stepping out looking you're best.

For more colour and style tips or answered questions contact us.






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Your Slimmest Colours

Your Slimmest Colours

How to choose your slimmest Colours

Your Slimmest Colours

They say “you can never be too rich or too slim”. I’m not sure about that, but as a professional colour consultant I know there are certain colours that make you look slimmer.

Most mature women I know crave a more slender outline and one that doesn’t make us appear fat and frumpy, but can the colours we wear, help us to achieve that goal?

They most definitely can. So what would be your most slimming colours?

Is Black the most slimming Colour?

Is black slimming?

If you ask women what is the most slimming colour, the most outstanding answer would be black.

But is black the most slimming colour?

No it isn’t and here are 2 reasons why.

  1. Black is a non colour that sucks up all the light. There is no reflection from the colour black. This makes the colour appear dark, dull and heavy. It’s a misconception that black is light and slimming.
  2. Because black absorbs all light, the garment will have no “flow”. Flow means areas of light and shade. It appears to be completely block, again giving an“heavy” appearance.

But the misconception that black is your most slimming colour has gained lots of support. Sadly not everything you read is true.

How can colour make you slimmer?  

Slimmer colours

Is black slimming

It ‘s true colour plays a key role in helping us to look slimmer and more together. Especially when we wear our colours from top to toe.

Your colours will make you look lighter and brighter.

This works by allowing light onto the subject. The light that you need to draw to yourself. 

Wearing your colours from top to toe gives the illusion of slimness.

Without this colour cohesion an outfit can appear to look messy or sloppy.

Wearing colours from different palettes can cut the body up and also add unwanted weight to you.

Eg. If you wear a top from one colour palette and a pant from a different colour palette, you look mismatched,cut in half and that line across your middle adds "weight".

This can also happen by adding black pants to everything.

Always wear the right colours

Wearing your colours

Colour analysis

Sydney stylist

If you always wear the right colours from top to toe, you’ll look taller and therefore slimmer.

The right colours for you will also attract the right light to you as well.

How do you choose the right colours?

Now that you realize, wearing your colours can make you look so much slimmer and more co-ordinated and more stylish, how do you go about finding the colours that suit you?

There are an unlimited number of colours. Easily in excess of 16 million. That’s one of the major reasons why people find it difficult to differentiate between the right colours and the wrong colours to wear.

I would always recommend a good colour analysis from someone who has been gaining good reviews for accurate colour analysis work and preferably someone who’s been in the industry for many years.

 It’s so easy to get the colours wrong. A colour analysis literally takes less than 30 minutes. Always use the draping method and I prefer the original 4 seasons analysis from the Colour me Beautiful days.

Since then so many changes have occurred with various colour systems that can be quiet confusing.

I do know that if you practice wearing colour all the time, you have a good chance of getting your colours right over time.

Note which colours you get lots of compliments for and also the ones that make you look younger and more vibrant.

For more colour advice contact Your Colours and style.







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10 ways to tell if you're wearing your colours.

10 ways to tell if you're wearing your colours.

Are you sure you're wearing the right colours? 10 ways to tell

Wearing the right colours

If you're reading this blog you're probably very aware of the power of colours.The

power of wearing the right colours that suit you.

You are very aware you will look younger, slimmer, more vibrant, more stylish and

attractive when you wear your colours.

Have you had your colours done? And even if you have are you sure they have

been done correctly and you are getting the most from your colours?

People's experience with colour.

Over the years as a colour consultant, I've seen a real mix of experiences with


Having your colours done


People wearing the wrong colours. People not wearing any colour at all. People

that are certain they're wearing their colours and are not. People that have had

their colours done correctly but are not utilizing all their colours. People that have

had their colours correctly analyzed but have been given poor advise about how to

choose their colours or have been given swatches with the wrong colours as well

as the right colours. People that sometimes accidently wear the right colours,

People that wear the wrong colours most of the time.


But whatever their colour experience, I know they can always improve on getting

those colours right and bringing their image up a notch or two or three.


10 tips to see if you're wearing your colours all the time.

Wardrobe cull


Firstly let me say that the older we get the more we will realize that certain colours

"just don't do anything for us"

Have you ever noticed that? You'll try on a colour or even a garment you've worn

many times before and suddenly realize, "Yuk" I look terrible in that colour?

Clients have even told me they have to wear scarves to hide certain colours

because they think they can't wear that colour anymore.

So obviously tip no 1. Is you realize yourself that certain colour just doesn't suit you


It never was your best colour, but it's become less flattering as you've aged.

Tip no 2. You get very little compliments in that colour. I know not everyone has an

eye for colour, but if you notice lot's of side whispers when you go out with friends

and a funny look on their face, it could be that cacky coloured top your wearing.

Have you noticed when you're wearing a different top in a different colour the

compliments just keep flowing?

Tip no 3. You look and feel old and tired. It can be a real drain when your wearing

the wrong colour. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you tell your

boss you're not feeling very well and need to go home. The sad thing is they agree

with you.

Tip no 4. Nothing in your wardrobe matches. This is really telling. If you have a

wardrobe full of mismatch colours that don't flow, it's a good sign that there are

many offending colours that don't belong in your wardrobe.

Tip no 5. You seem to be unco-ordinated. You're outfit is just not right. You may not

know what needs to change but you never feel quite well groomed enough.

Tip no 6. You feel a bit "drab". Again you're not sure what needs to change but you

always feel drab. You think it's because your getting older and older women look

drab anyway. (such a lie).

Tip no 7. You hate shopping. There's nothing more of a drag than shopping when

you don't know how to choose colours that suit you. Nothing seems to look good

and everything makes you look drab and sad.

Tip no 8. You bring clothes home and never wear them. Mm this is a bad one.

Liking something in the shop and getting it home and finding it just doesn't really

look good on you and it doesn't go with anything in the wardrobe.

Tip no 9. You mix everything with black. A real give away. Black doesn't go with

everything my friend, even though we've been told it does. Mixing black with

everything is the biggest tell tale sign you know nothing about your colours.

Tip no 10  Because 10 is a round number. You're wardrobe is colourless. If you

know your colours, you'll have heaps of colours in your wardrobe.


What happens when you wear your colours ALL the time

Capsule wardrobe

So after reading all the tips to see what happens if you're wearing the wrong

colours, I'm sure you're now motivated to wear the right colours.

It's such a joy and it makes you look younger more vibrant, healthy, happy, stylish,

attractive and beautiful, no matter how old you are.

Shopping is a joy, because you're good at it.

You're wardrobe co-ordinates.

Everything looks good on you

You look more stylish

Your friends stop talking about you haha

You look slimmer

It will be easier to choose your style

You're make up will look lovely

You're hair colour will suit.

You save time, money and energy shopping.

You have buyer satisfaction so you don't have to keep buying and buying.

And in general you'll be known as that woman that always looks lovely.

Whatever your aims or goals are for your image, colour can satisfy, so either have

an accurate colour analysis and learn about your colours.

Or have your colours rechecked today. Either with the online colour analysis  to

check your colours or a one on one with Your Colours and Style Sydney to get your

colours just right.






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10 Things to Personal Shopping

10 Things to Personal Shopping

My top 10 things to personal shopping

Personal shopper Sydney

Looks like you can go shopping again!!!!!

But before you hit the mall running, let’s talk about the 10 top things I as a personal shopper consider for my clients to get them the best bang for their bucks.

And how those 10 things ensure success each and every time we go shopping with lot’s of happy purchases, the clients just love.

I mean let’s face it, who wants to employ a personal shopper and come home with nothing or worse still come home with things you’re still not happy with and will never wear?

You’re quiet good at that yourself that’s why you may need a personal shopper.  

A personal shopping experience is meant to be something you could not do on your own. Right? Or at least an experience that helps you to shop better in the future.  


What are the 10 most important things I consider when shopping with my clients.


 Colour analysis Sydney stylist

THE most important, necessary, mandatory thing I consider is the colours that suit the client. I WOULD SAY COLOUR IS 80% OF THE STYLE EQUATION. The difference between wearing the wrong colour outfit and the right colour outfit is ridiculous.

I cannot stress how important the colour component of your wardrobe is if you want to look your best.

Why do I say that? Because most women are not reaching their true image potential and it’s always because they can improve when it comes to wearing the right colours.

Unless you have had a correct colour analysis with accurate colour swatches you will have clothes in your wardrobe in the wrong colours. It always happens. And when the client clears the wrong colours out, they and their wardrobe change, dramatically.




 Gained a few kilos lately? Or has your body shape changed? Body changes are a fact of life and a really important thing to factor in when you dress and when choosing styles that are the most suitable for you to wear.

 Women over 40 especially may notice a few extra bumps and lumps. Your weight determines which styles suit your body.

 Have you noticed when you lose just 5 kilos, how much better an outfit will look?


Before and after


“Mutton dressed up as lamb”, is something most mature women don’t want to be. So how to dress appropriately? One major mistake women make is showing too much skin. They forgot to look in the mirror and realise their once taut and toned arms and legs are no longer. That’s why we have things like knee length dresses and not mini’s. Check out my other blogs about being “Age Appropriate”


mature women

This one is pretty obvious. I am not going to dress a 60 year old woman that is a size 20 in the same styles as a 60 year old woman that’s a size 8.

A smaller frame will look much neater in her dress. Now being a size 8 is just a pipe dream for most of us, so best to know that we can find styles to flatter every shape and size. It’s all about knowing what designs of clothing are your best option.


Mature women

Style is all about proportion as well. You may be a short stout rectangle or a tall pencil thin rectangle and in the case of a shorter larger frame woman, you could almost be a square shape.

Obviously the style of dress for a taller slimmer woman is not the style of dress for a shorter fuller shape woman with maybe a very full bust. It’s great that dressing your shape can give the illusion of a more balanced frame, and there are style for every shape and size.


mature women

 As mentioned with height, style is about providing a balanced well-proportioned look. Think about width of shoulders, bust size, hip size, leg length, neck length etc all the body measurements that make up your proportions play a role in your style summary.


Mature style


 I may have 2 women of the same age, size, height, weight and colours but I will dress them in completely different outfits. One woman may be quiet and sophisticated in nature, the other woman playful and outlandish. I will let the clothing match the character.



Style on a budget sydney


 I love budget shopping. I really get a kick out of looking fabulous for a few dollars. I’m that one when I get a compliment to say. “Oh and these earrings only cost me $3.


It’s amazing, how knowing your colours can help you put the whole look together and can be a really fun adventure of finding those cute and edgy little bargains that make “your signature style” so unique.



Wardrobe cull sydney


 Going shopping? No. Hang on a minute. Before you go anywhere, take a look at what’s in your wardrobe first.

You can revamp an existing wardrobe if you’ve been diligent to cull the wrong colours first. Last seasons outfits become “new” again if you see them with fresh eyes when the calendar ticks over. If your wardrobe has ONLY the right colours, creating lots of outfits becomes easy.


Grab a belt, put that outfit with boots. Try a different cardi or jacket over the top. Cinch the waist in, let the shirt out, roll the sleeves up, turn the collar down. The main thing is get creative. Try a new hairstyle. Add a different statement piece of jewellery to make the outfit brand new. You’re only limited by your imagination.


  1. Last and final tip. YOUR ACCEPTANCE TO CHANGE.

Mature women style sydney

This last tip is a big one. You’re so used to seeing yourself a particular way and your impression of yourself is very strong. Some people love change and some people will oppose it with every fiber in their body. Which type are you? Be aware of that whenever you make any real changes in your life.

If you’re a resister, take it easy. Be kind to yourself. Make gradual changes you can live with and love and then tackle the next change. If you don’t change you’ll stay the same and who wants that?

If you have any questions contact Your Colours and Style always happy to help. Happy Shopping!!!

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Beautiful budget shopping

Beautiful budget shopping

How to dress for success on a Budget

Dress your colours

Step 1-Get your colours analyzed

Shopping has never been so much fun, once you learn about your colours.

Seriously I love taking my clients shopping, because success lies in wearing the right colours.

And if you can't shop in person, what's wrong with shopping online with me?

If you're struggling with pulling a wardrobe together, the first place to start is with a professional colour analysis

I am pleased to say I have devised an online colour analysis, to start my clients off, that can't see me in person to get their colours right.

Then you can go online and shop to your hearts content once you are colour aware.

The benefits of knowing your colours, is your choices have just exploded.

People think wearing your colours, limit your options, but it is quite the opposite.

Not only does it broaden your options, it makes shopping so much fun as well as successful. You will look amazing in everything you buy.

So many budget brands and sales

Dress for success

Retail being what it is gives us many places to go. Shop in store, shop online, shop overseas labels online, shop brands, shop sales, shop vintage, shop, shop, shop.

So how are your shopping habits?

Do you have a plan?

Have you thought about your purchases or are you random, wasting time and money?

Let's get a shopping plan.

If you are one of my mature clients, you probably have trodden the road of wasted thousands of dollars over your lifetime on too much fashion.

If you're tired of spending wasteful dollars, come with me on your "plan your wardrobe" trip. 

Shop your wardrobe first

wardrobe cull

Hang on a minute. Before you step out the door, or shop online, get sensible and check out your existing wardobe first.

It's ridiculous buying another pair of pants, when you already have 10 perfectly good pair in your colours in your closet. Or another pair of jeans when you already have 5 suitable pair.

Sort out what you have, make an inventory, consider what is NEEDED in your wardrobe and make a targeted effort toward that garment. This is how you can make your wardrobe more functional, fun and interesting. Nothing worse than a wardrobe full of snap buys you never wear.

My 5 top tips to budget shopping.

Get your colours done

So there you have it.

Tip 1. Get your colours done first. Either in person with my colour and style analysis or my online course.

Tip 2. Show your wardrobe first. What is good, what needs to go so you will know what to start with

Tip 3. Make a budget for the quarter, so you do not spend $$$$ you do not have.

Tip 4. Make a list of what you really want or need.

Tip 5. Look at the tried and true labels that fit and are not complete rubbish. The ones you have tried before and are happy with the quality, even though they are budget.

Tip 6. Shop with discernment. Don't just buy on a whim. Look carefully and consider "is this really what  I want or need"

Hope you enjoyed this blog.

Comment below

Any questions please contact Your Colours and style






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Your Colours and style

Your Colours and your style

How do your colours affect your style? Colour is key to your image success. In fact I would have to say, as an image consultant colour contributes to as much as 80% to your total look. Sadly most women are not realising their full image and style potential simply because they are unaware of the multiplicity of gorgeous and stunning colours that will bring them to life. As a mature colour consultant my passion is for women to look their best all the time in their colours.

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What is a Colour Analysis?

What is a Colour Analysis?

Colour analysis for your Personal style

Have you ever had your colours done?

Are you aware of the benefits to your look by wearing your colours?

If you're a young woman or a mature woman, wearing the right colours is really a style game changer.

(Young woman before and after wearing her colours)

What Colours suit me

If you're a mature woman, wearing the right colours is more important, than when you were younger because the aging process accentuates all your flaws.

If you notice yourself, often looking a little dull and drab, you may just be wearing the wrong colours.

Even celebrities can improve on their colours

An example of her wearing the right colours is on the right.

To maintain a youthful look, she should continue to wear the colours in the  image on the right.

Before and after transformations

Women in the right Colours

A professional colour analysis, will help you find ALL the right Colours in your Seasonal Colour Palette.

Women in the right colours Colour swatches and drapes


It's all about the underskin tone

Colours really change the way you look.

To show the client  the right colours that suit them, the stylist will have a serious of cool, warm, dominant and muted coloured drapes.

The draping kit will have a variety of shades to demonstrate just how much the skin colour is affected by placing swatches against the skin.

It's up to the colour consultant to reveal to the client just how each colour affects the way they look

At first glance this coral swatch may appear suitable but the clarity of the skin, eyes, hair and lips is muddied on the left.

As mentioned the wrong colours are less noticeable on younger women.

The pink swatch shows how flattering the cooler shades are on this model.

(Note how the Coral colour adds an orangey warm tone?)

The next steps are to drape the client with one of each season in red, blue, green, yellow blue and white drapes.

The client will see how the different tones change the way she looks.

She will notice the wrong colours make her look older, duller, and less attractive.

The wrong colours highlight dark shadows, wrinkles, lines, pigmentation and redness. The right colours give clarity, brightness, freshness and youthfulness.

Draping in Colours Draping in colours

Before and after shots mature women

(It's obvious just how much younger, slimmer and more attractive this mature woman appears when she wears the right colours, on the right)

The process of a colour analysis

Since the 60's Colours has gone through major changes.

Originally Colour me Beautiful and other Colour Companies and Franchaise had just 4 seasonal palettes. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

From there many Colour systems emerged, making way for many different interpretations as well as mass confusion.

The 4 Colours system is and was accurate, but many untrained and unskilled analysts misdiagnosed clients, hence many more confusing systems appeared, deeming the original system, not enough.

The analysis is only as good as their interpretation of the process.  

Why are the 4 seasonal palettes so accurate?

Drapes for seasonal colours

There are an infinite number of colours. At least 2.5million

When you think of it, every colour on the planet can fit into one of 4 categories.

The categories are Cool Dominant, Cool Muted, Warm Brights or Warm Deep Colours.

So when the colour consultant does your analysis, they need to find the right palette that "blends" with your underskin tone.

They also need to have a good knowledge about how to slot the 2.5 million plus colours into the right category.

There are so many different seasonal colour swatches on the market, and many have combinations of all the colour categories in the one seasonal palette.

So women are confused and go back to wearing any old colour or lots of black

I have seen so many women like this, which is a real shame as they never experience the beauty of colour

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Are you a 40 plus woman that feels like she's lost the proverbial fashion plot?

With a wardrobe full of drab, boring, black and depressing clothes.

Do you hate shopping? Feel you look yuk most of the time and really are quiet discouraged about the way you look?

Take heart my darling, you are not alone, if that makes you feel any better.

How many other 40 plus women do you see in the same sinking boat?

Who looks good

Really take a look around and who can you find that looks good?

If you're looking for your ques from your friends perhaps you're looking in the wrong place.

Have you noticed even the rich, famous, slim and beautiful women can have those bad days as well. Where their hair, make up and dress sense seems to have gone totally awry.

So don't take your ques from the stars either. They too can get it wrong.

My 3 courses for top to toe style.

Here are my 3 courses that will answer all your style, colour, image questions.

No 1 How to build a functional and stylish wardrobe.

Gets you fixed with colour and the right styles that look awesome on you

Class no 2. Youthful make up at any age.

Learn the top tips for a more youthful and attractive appearance in this hands on class

Introducing class no 3

So because these 2 classes have been so popular and transforming, I thought I would top it off with this class to put it all together.

Here is a little more information and I hope you can follow the link if you are anywhere near Jannali and book into these classes.

Or you may want to attend a class at my home in Ramsgate or have a group of your own .

Class outline

Many women say they have lost the plot when it comes to their fashion and style once they reach 40.

Join this fun and interesting class to help you achieve your ultimate image goals.

Leading colour consultant and stylist for mature women Ros Holden has been transforming thousands of women for over a decade with the top secret tips.


This Course can be considered a follow up to or a stand alone class:

No 1 “How to build a function and stylish wardrobe”
No 2 "Youthful make up at any age
Once you’ve gathered tips, skills and information from these other 2 courses, you’re now ready to complete your top to toe make over.

Course Outline:

  • The secret to your Image success
  • How to adopt the secret
  • What to do with your hair
  • Recapping on the make up
  • What’s in your wardrobe
  • What should be in your wardrobe
  • Working with the 3 outfits. Is it or is it not working
  • Your total "signature style"

Learning Outcomes:

  • Suitable hair colour and styles
  • The right make up for you
  • How to cull your wardrobe successfully
  • What to include in your wardrobe
  • How to dress your shape
  • How to dress your age
  • How to accessorize
  • What is your signature style

What to bring:

  • It would be helpful if you bring up to 3 outfits that we can work with on the day.
  • You’re very welcome to include shoes and accessories as well.

About the Tutor:

“I have been a professional Colour Consultant, Image Consultant and Personal Shopper and Stylist for 13 years.

During this time I have literally seen thousands of women transform from top to toe in their true colours.

It's my passion to see women find their own unique signature style and true confidence in their personal image that I share with every class I teach.” Ros

There are places available

If there isn't a class to suit you, please



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