Your Colours and your style

How do your colours affect your style?

Fashion in your colours

How much attention do you pay to the colours you wear?

You may have noticed some colours seem to look great and some just don't.

We've all had that experience when purchasing a certain style of garment that it may look better in a different colour on us.

Many women and personal stylists, shop for style rather than colour, believing it's all about the style. Some may completely ignore the colour component of their wardrobe, but is that setting them up to fail?

If your wardrobe is void of colour, it may be time to consider the role colour plays in your closet, particularly if you're over 40.

Consider colour if you're over 40

Mature style

As we age obviously things change. A lot of women I see are 40 plus. It's a time when it becomes clearer that some of the choices we make with our image are not working well for us.

Women may give up at this stage and resign themselves to thinking it's an age thing and they'll never look good again.

But all women can look good at all ages. It's just a matter of making the right colour choices first and then the style and the personal and signature style follow.

Your image goes to a whole new level with colour

mature style

You'll be amazed at the transformation when you incorporate the right colours in your hair, makeup, clothing and accessories.

If you want the wow factor, colour is the way to go.

Clients have testified, colour has changed their life. Younger, slimmer, more attractive and beautiful you'll be when you wear your colours.

What a bonus it is, as you age to grow more and more beautiful in your colours. 

How do I know what colours to wear?

Personal colour analysis

Colour can be confusing, simply because there are an infinite number of shades.

They say up to 16 million, but there has to be more than that because the combinations of the mixtures are endless.

So how to choose your colours? You need to have a professional colour analysis.

It's the only way to gain all the help you need around colour. As a colour consultant, I studied colours for a decade to understand all there is to know about the right colours for all women.

Below is the link to have your colours accessed. Just 90 minutes can change your life! 

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