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Your Colours and style

Your Colours and your style

How do your colours affect your style? Colour is key to your image success. In fact I would have to say, as an image consultant colour contributes to as much as 80% to your total look. Sadly most women are not realising their full image and style potential simply because they are unaware of the multiplicity of gorgeous and stunning colours that will bring them to life. As a mature colour consultant my passion is for women to look their best all the time in their colours.

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7 steps to Your Image Success-Step 6 How to Shop for Success

7 steps to Your Image Success-Step 6 How to Shop for Success


online shoppingpersonal shopper

When was the last time you went shopping? In store or online. How did you go?

Are you one of those frustrated shoppers that come home empty, or worse still return with a bunch of clothes you never wear?

No wonder you hate shopping. No one loves doing something they ‘re not good at.

The good news is you can be a saavy and stylish shopper. So here are a few simple tips to guide you to success. Read the blog to the end to grab a few DIY steps to your style success.


Colour analysis

Personal stylists with a very good understanding of colour theory will help you to shop for success.

Colour advice is first and foremost to good fashion choices.

Colours are the key to your Image success. You can roam around the shops aimlessly for hours if you have no idea of the colours that suit you. Or you can grab lots of interesting and lovely items and bargains as well.

Successful shopping trip

How would you feel if after 3 hours of shopping you could find 30 items you love?

It’s all about colour.


Choosing the right colours

There’s a misunderstanding that shopping for your colours only limits your shopping choices.

Actually the opposite is true.

Whilst those that don’t know their colours , search for anything in any colour, a colour specialist can guide you to all your colour choices.

That way you can eliminate all the bad choices and only go for the right choices.  This makes shopping, targeted, fun and exhilarating.

You will be more qualified once you know your colours.


Colour me beautiful colour analysis

Exploring the world of colour is a wonderful experience. With over 16million colours available you can see how colours and colour theory can be a little confusing.

It’s important to have an accurate analysis as there are countless colour systems on the market.

Your colours and style comes with 15 years colour experience and many thousands of testimonials to the advantages of knowing your colours.


Mutton dressed up as lamb

We’ve all heard the expression “mutton dressed up as lamb”

Wearing the wrong colours gives this result. Younger women don’t look as bad in the wrong colours as more mature women do.

 The wrong colours are very aging for a number of reasons.

Some colours are too bright or too dull or just too powerful. In this case a less than attractive look is achieved. The wrong colours make us look bigger and frumpier also.


Have your colours done

My personal advice as a colour consultant is to make having a colour analysis your first style choice.

So many women tell this changes everything and they wished they’d done it a long time ago.

It’s not easy to see for yourself what does and doesn’t suit you.

It’s a 15 minute experience that changes everything.

You can also do this online in the comfort of your own home and gain professional help with your style after that.


COLOUR ANALYSISProfessional colour analysisPersonal colour analysisPersonal colour analysis

If you haven’t had this experience of having your colours done as yet, here are a few little tips to help yourself.

Take a few pictures of yourself wearing colour.

Ask yourself the following questions

Do I look bigger in that colour?

Does that colour reflect on my face?

What colour is reflecting on my face?

Do I appear to have more pigmentation in this colour?

Do my eyes look brighter in this colour?

Does my hair shine?

Are my teeth white or yellow?

Does this colour make me look red?

Does this colour cast shadow and give me more lines?

Do I look yellow in that colour?

Is the colour too bright?

Is the colour too strong?

Is the colour dull on me?

These are the things a professional colour stylist will look at to guide you to your perfect colour choices

For more information about colour and style please send an email ros@yourcoloursandstyle.com.au

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Are you a 40 plus woman that feels like she's lost the proverbial fashion plot?

With a wardrobe full of drab, boring, black and depressing clothes.

Do you hate shopping? Feel you look yuk most of the time and really are quiet discouraged about the way you look?

Take heart my darling, you are not alone, if that makes you feel any better.

How many other 40 plus women do you see in the same sinking boat?

Who looks good

Really take a look around and who can you find that looks good?

If you're looking for your ques from your friends perhaps you're looking in the wrong place.

Have you noticed even the rich, famous, slim and beautiful women can have those bad days as well. Where their hair, make up and dress sense seems to have gone totally awry.

So don't take your ques from the stars either. They too can get it wrong.

My 3 courses for top to toe style.

Here are my 3 courses that will answer all your style, colour, image questions.

No 1 How to build a functional and stylish wardrobe.

Gets you fixed with colour and the right styles that look awesome on you

Class no 2. Youthful make up at any age.

Learn the top tips for a more youthful and attractive appearance in this hands on class

Introducing class no 3

So because these 2 classes have been so popular and transforming, I thought I would top it off with this class to put it all together.

Here is a little more information and I hope you can follow the link if you are anywhere near Jannali and book into these classes.

Or you may want to attend a class at my home in Ramsgate or have a group of your own .

Class outline

Many women say they have lost the plot when it comes to their fashion and style once they reach 40.

Join this fun and interesting class to help you achieve your ultimate image goals.

Leading colour consultant and stylist for mature women Ros Holden has been transforming thousands of women for over a decade with the top secret tips.


This Course can be considered a follow up to or a stand alone class:

No 1 “How to build a function and stylish wardrobe”
No 2 "Youthful make up at any age
Once you’ve gathered tips, skills and information from these other 2 courses, you’re now ready to complete your top to toe make over.

Course Outline:

  • The secret to your Image success
  • How to adopt the secret
  • What to do with your hair
  • Recapping on the make up
  • What’s in your wardrobe
  • What should be in your wardrobe
  • Working with the 3 outfits. Is it or is it not working
  • Your total "signature style"

Learning Outcomes:

  • Suitable hair colour and styles
  • The right make up for you
  • How to cull your wardrobe successfully
  • What to include in your wardrobe
  • How to dress your shape
  • How to dress your age
  • How to accessorize
  • What is your signature style

What to bring:

  • It would be helpful if you bring up to 3 outfits that we can work with on the day.
  • You’re very welcome to include shoes and accessories as well.

About the Tutor:

“I have been a professional Colour Consultant, Image Consultant and Personal Shopper and Stylist for 13 years.

During this time I have literally seen thousands of women transform from top to toe in their true colours.

It's my passion to see women find their own unique signature style and true confidence in their personal image that I share with every class I teach.” Ros

There are places available

If there isn't a class to suit you, please



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Old hats due for a comeback

Old hats are due for a Comeback

Old hats are Due For Comeback

By Shruti Sinha

Whether we want to look fashionable or to keep ourselves warm, hats have always been there from  days of old.

People have always known how to pull off fashionable head wear.

Old is gold, so we can say these things are valuable and will always enjoy a comeback.

  1. Fedora

The Fedora is chosen by  gangsters in the movies. In recent times fashion has accepted the firm brimmed hat once more and it’s a great addition to your outfit.

 Although Fedoras’ come in all sizes and colours we would purposely stick to those which have additional neutral tone and medium width.

      2. Trilby

The Trilby is often confused with a Fedora but Trilby is a different kind of hat altogether.

 It can be worn from  Spring to Autumn as it has a taller crown and smaller brim than a Fedora hat. Tweed or straw completes the hat.

 These are the high-quality hats for upper-class members or boy band members such as Justin Timberlake.

 All over the world during horse racing events, these hats are quite noticeable.

       3. Panama

Panama hats are light in colour and weight. These hats should be avoided during winter weather as they are made for sunshine and blue skies.

 These type of hats flawlessly fit in with an easy beach-going look as these are breathable and simple to wear.

 People love to wear these hats on vacations because of their light weight and portability. Look out for more such hat styles on http://thehatsguide.com

     4. Bowler

The Bowler hat is also acknowledged as a Bob hat or Billycock or Derby or Bombin.

 This hat is a hard felt hat with a rounded crown, shaped by London manufacturers Thomas and William Bowler in 1849.

 It’s also normally known as a Derby as the hat is hard. It’s a hard felt hat with a tapered brim.

The hat is famous amongst the stylish Brits and was made prominent by eminent actors such as Charlie Chaplin, John Cleese and Curly Howard.

Upper, middle and working class preferred this hat just the same.

     5. Snapback

When New York snapback became progressively omnipresent among the Yankees fans the 90’s hat came into fashion.

 The markets have been surrounded by the snapbacks which are worn by ballers, fashionistas, and cool kids all around the globe.

     6. Dad Hat

These have a slightly bent brim and are generally made of canvas or cotton. Dad hats are relaxed baseball caps.

 It consists of a modifiable strap back closing, making it one size fits all.

 Dad hats are a great choice to add to your look for any sport, or to just add an old-fashioned vibe to any look.

    7. Newsboy

In the 19th century the Newsboy hat evolved and in the 2000’s these old-fashioned caps made a huge comeback.

 The newsboy hat looks like a flat hat. These hats are round and full caps which have panels and buttons on top of the hat attaching the front part to the brim of the hat.

      8. Flat Cap

Flat Cap hats were once worn by farmers and chimney sweepers, but today flat caps are popular among celebrities and television characters.

 Flat caps come in wool and cotton; these are also lined for additional comfort.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are different varieties of old hats that are due for a comeback. Even today these old-style hats are popular everywhere.


Necessity is the mother of invention which led to the modification of these hats. Keep reading this blog for latest updates on Fashion.


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