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7 Steps to your Image Transformation-Step 5 Your make up
10 years younger in your make up

10 years younger in your make up


As we mature we can become confused about our make up.

What looks good. What looks bad. I look ridiculous. Too much make up. Not enough. What colours should I be choosing?

Is this the right formula? Where do I buy my make up? How do I apply my make up?

After all no one has ever taught me and I'm not a make up artist. I should be doing something different.

There is such a vast array of make up, make up colours, formulas and brands, choosing what is right is overwhelming.

You may have had the experience of going to a make up counter with a so called “professional” only to be disheartened and discouraged and go home to clean it all off.

Wrong make up for mature women

A lot of older women still wear no make up, because they have tried to wear make up and feel it looks worse than having none on at all. But as we age we definitely need to have some colour on our face, because our skin has changed and is quiet colourless. Make up can also cover those flaws and highlight our natural beauty. Wearing good make up is always a plus.

Donʼt copy the make up trends for younger women.

Make up trends and fashions go through cycles and are constantly changing. The drivers of make up trends are those with young and flawless skin.

With skin enhancers and treatments, smooth and line free faces are the looks that fill the media and magazines. Unfortunately as most women

age they donʼt have flawlessly smooth and dewy complexions. The skin will fade with age. Womenʼs skin sags and loses integrity. Lines, pigmentation and redness are perfectly normal. If we are following the make up trends we may fail miserably to look younger and more attractive. It could have the opposite effect.

So what must we do to look beautiful and attractive if we are 40 plus?

Mature make up

Make up is about colour, shape, shade, subtlety and definition for mature skin.

Much of the make up today is not about the “natural” look. Big lashes, bold lips, strong brows, dramatic eyes, tight skin, dark shadows and deep shading are not natural. You cannot follow these trends with older skin. These looks will accentuate sagging and aging skin.

If you desire lovely soft looks they are achieved by bringing the right light with the right colours.

First and foremost, choose colours that are softer and more muted and in your colour palette. A colour consultation is a great place to start. Have your colours done and you will be able to choose all your foundations, eyeshadows, lip colours, blushes and highlighters with your colour palette.

Once you have all the colours that suit you can go about creating a glamorous and natural make up look.

As a colour consultant, my top tips for make up are as follows.

Firstly choose a concealer in a skin colour one shade only lighter than your natural skin tone. By applying this concealer around the eyes, on the eyelids, around the nose and fanned all over the cheeks, your face can

Look 10 years younger.

Choose a foundation that matches your skin perfectly. My suggestion even though your skin may appear to be warm or yellow based, still go for a beige or pink based foundation. YCS Cosmetics have colours and formulas that suit all skin types and colours.

Always frame the face with a softer but defined brow. This will lift the brow and the face at the same time. Define the eyes with softer colours and shadows and do not use black. Black is not only harsh but will also minimize the eyes. YCS Brown mascara is a great choice.

Use a subtle shade on the cheeks and lift cheeks with upward brush strokes.

Always line and define the lips for fullness without radical fillers and plumpness. Too full lips on an older woman is a dead give away. The skin in loosing fullness naturally. This looks like your “cheating” and you are. Use colours only in your colour palette. Use powders that are in your skin tone lightly to set and reduce shine. Apply a setting spray to hold and return dewiness without grease and oil for a subtly youthful look.

For more make up tips contact Your Colours and style
Make up classes are regularly held at
St George and Sutherland

Community College

A very soft and subtle and natural look with YCS Cosmetics

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