7 Steps to your Image Transformation-Step 5 Your make up – Your Colours And Styles

7 Steps to your Image Transformation-Step 5 Your make up

Make up for your top to toe transformation

before and after make up

The next step in your top to toe transformation is make up. We all know make up makes all the difference.

Many mature women give up on make up.

They complain it's too difficult to get a good result and they realize they look better without it. This is because they're applying it incorrectly or simply using the wrong colours.

Colour is the key to good make up

messy make up

With over 16 million colours, imagine how many make up colours you have to choose from.

It's very confusing when you go to purchase make up in the right colours for foundation,powder, lipstick, blush, highlighter, mascara, eyeshadows etc. because of the volume of products.

Have you noticed certain colours look better on you than others?

Have you also discovered that some old make up habits just aren't working anymore? What seemed to work in your youth, isn't working now.

Make up can be a real mess

Make up can be a real mess as in this image below.

But even if you don't manage to look as frightful as this, you could still be doing some things that are not the most flattering.

messy make upbad make up

Unflattering application and colours for Catherine Zeta Jones

You’re best make up look.

before and after make up

As a colour consultant, I see the huge improvement to make up when women wear the right colours

The right colour foundation, lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows and even mascara.

Once you have had a colour analysis, you’ll be equipped with a seasonal colour swatch to guide you with all your make up choices.

How dark or light, cool or warm, pink or peach are just a few choices you’ll need to make. All those choices are easy when you know your colours.


Make up application  

before and after make up

Make up application is also a big part of looking your best.

When two people bake a cake with the same ingredients the results may vary dramatically.

This is also true with make up application.  Some may apply the make up more heavy handedly or place it in the wrong place.

 This clients before and after results are achieved by using a different colour palette and also different application techniques in the 2nd image.

If you would like to have the 14 step make up tips contact Your Colours and style.

If you have already had your colours done please contact Your Colours and style for a specific colour chart for all your seasonal colour make up.

Your Colours and style also offers a hands on Youthful make up course. Just follow the links to book or you can call for a complimentary make up session in your colours.





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