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New Year New Image

New Year New Image

Your Image Overhaul for 2024.

Image Overhaul

New year New you

You’ve heard this sentiment a thousand times before but what better time to take a look at your Image than January of every new year.

Are you totally happy with the way you look or do you think there may be a few little tweeks you can do to improve what you see in the mirror?

Let’s face it none of us are getting any younger, and as I cater to the mature woman those usually over 50 or 60 and beyond,  I see lot's of changes that can be made for the better.

So do you think you can handle another checklist for 2024 and see if there are one or two things you can do to improve your look, feel better about yourself and set yourself up to win?

So here is my New Year checklist and if you find something that stands out to you, I’m happy to give you some guidance about the change(s) that you can make, to achieve your ultimate new look.

The best place to start for a top to toe transformation is at the top, obviously.

Before and after

So how’s your hair? Did you know that I recommend a change of hair cut, style, colour to nearly all my clients?

And did you know a new doo can literally alter your appearance, make you look 10 years younger, make you look more attractive and in general change your image completely?

Note how this Russian stylist has made all the difference with this lovely hairstyle and colour and of course having the client wear the right colours for her underskin tone.

So if you need some colour, cut, style advice all you need to do is send a pic of your head. That is a head shot. You know from the neck up. I’ll send you a few pics for you to take to your hairdresser.

Next step is the face.

Before and after make up

Oh yes and the make up in the right colours is a real game changer. If you’ve noticed some really bad looking make up on celebrities for example, I can guarantee they are in the wrong seasonal colours make up.

Remember Colours make up is in the seasonal make up colours. So it takes all the guess work out of choosing the right colour make up.

The next step is wearing your seasonal colours.

Seasonal colours wardrobe analysis

Even if you’ve had your colours done with me and are pretty good with your colours, I’m certain I can help you fine tune that wardrobe even more. At least add some more pizazz and scope and inject some things you’ve not thought of before. Always start with your colours.

This lovely client, was wearing just the wrong colours on the left and switching to the right colours in her wardrobe changed the way she looked completely. Note the difference in body shape as well.

If you feel you’re not sure about your colours or if someone has not done your colours correctly, please have them checked until you’re happy. There are some interesting information around colours these days.

Lastly putting the whole thing together, can add that final bit of flair to your style.

Having an outside opinion is always a powerful thing to do and especially with a colour specialist so what are you waiting for?

Get your colours right check out the check list and contact me if you need any help.

Ros Your Colours and style.


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7 steps to Your Image Success-Step 6 How to Shop for Success

7 steps to Your Image Success-Step 6 How to Shop for Success


online shoppingpersonal shopper

When was the last time you went shopping? In store or online. How did you go?

Are you one of those frustrated shoppers that come home empty, or worse still return with a bunch of clothes you never wear?

No wonder you hate shopping. No one loves doing something they ‘re not good at.

The good news is you can be a saavy and stylish shopper. So here are a few simple tips to guide you to success. Read the blog to the end to grab a few DIY steps to your style success.


Colour analysis

Personal stylists with a very good understanding of colour theory will help you to shop for success.

Colour advice is first and foremost to good fashion choices.

Colours are the key to your Image success. You can roam around the shops aimlessly for hours if you have no idea of the colours that suit you. Or you can grab lots of interesting and lovely items and bargains as well.

Successful shopping trip

How would you feel if after 3 hours of shopping you could find 30 items you love?

It’s all about colour.


Choosing the right colours

There’s a misunderstanding that shopping for your colours only limits your shopping choices.

Actually the opposite is true.

Whilst those that don’t know their colours , search for anything in any colour, a colour specialist can guide you to all your colour choices.

That way you can eliminate all the bad choices and only go for the right choices.  This makes shopping, targeted, fun and exhilarating.

You will be more qualified once you know your colours.


Colour me beautiful colour analysis

Exploring the world of colour is a wonderful experience. With over 16million colours available you can see how colours and colour theory can be a little confusing.

It’s important to have an accurate analysis as there are countless colour systems on the market.

Your colours and style comes with 15 years colour experience and many thousands of testimonials to the advantages of knowing your colours.


Mutton dressed up as lamb

We’ve all heard the expression “mutton dressed up as lamb”

Wearing the wrong colours gives this result. Younger women don’t look as bad in the wrong colours as more mature women do.

 The wrong colours are very aging for a number of reasons.

Some colours are too bright or too dull or just too powerful. In this case a less than attractive look is achieved. The wrong colours make us look bigger and frumpier also.


Have your colours done

My personal advice as a colour consultant is to make having a colour analysis your first style choice.

So many women tell this changes everything and they wished they’d done it a long time ago.

It’s not easy to see for yourself what does and doesn’t suit you.

It’s a 15 minute experience that changes everything.

You can also do this online in the comfort of your own home and gain professional help with your style after that.


COLOUR ANALYSISProfessional colour analysisPersonal colour analysisPersonal colour analysis

If you haven’t had this experience of having your colours done as yet, here are a few little tips to help yourself.

Take a few pictures of yourself wearing colour.

Ask yourself the following questions

Do I look bigger in that colour?

Does that colour reflect on my face?

What colour is reflecting on my face?

Do I appear to have more pigmentation in this colour?

Do my eyes look brighter in this colour?

Does my hair shine?

Are my teeth white or yellow?

Does this colour make me look red?

Does this colour cast shadow and give me more lines?

Do I look yellow in that colour?

Is the colour too bright?

Is the colour too strong?

Is the colour dull on me?

These are the things a professional colour stylist will look at to guide you to your perfect colour choices

For more information about colour and style please send an email ros@yourcoloursandstyle.com.au

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7 Steps to your Image Transformation-Step 5 Your make up
7 Steps to Image Transformation-Step 4 the right hair Colour

7 Steps to Image Transformation-Step 4 the right hair Colour

Top tips for your top to toe transformation. How to choose the right hair colour
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