7 Steps to Image Transformation-Step 4 the right hair Colour

 Choosing the right hair colour

The right hair colour

A big part of your top to toe make over is getting the right colour hair, as in this wonderful stylist example here.

Hair colour is about as unique as eye colour but hair colour changes.

As we mature hair colour fades or darkens and just having a colour change can make all the difference to your Image. It can make you look younger, brighter and more attractive.

As a colour consultant, I would say that I’ve noticed most womens’ image improves simply by changing the colour of the hair.

I have also discovered that up to 90% of women need to make some changes, to enhance the colours that best suit them.

I’m often asked if our natural hair colour is the best colour to complement our seasonal colour palette.

Often that’s not always the case, and because hair colour changes with time, a few tweeks can be outstanding.

All hair in the cortex is warm.

Warm hair colour

Most women will colour their hair at some stage in their life.

It’s good to realise as you hit the hair with bleach to lighten or deposit colour, the hair will go through a process of becoming a much warmer shade. For example black will lighten to brown and then red, orange and yellow and then golden before going white.

In most cases to change your hair colour you will need to lighten to deposit the colour you want.

So here are my tips to change your hair colour.

Basically natural hair colours range from white to black.

There is blonde, red, toffee blonde and brown. So on a scale of 1-10, white being 1 and 10 being black where does your hair colour sit?

Do you want to go lighter or darker from that level?

Hair colours

Where you sit on the scale can be determined from your colour analysis.

The consultant will reckon the depth of your underskin tone and take your age into consideration, when they work out the depth of shades you can go up or down.

A few generic hair colour tips.

The right hair colour

Always lighten black hair.

Black hair is very dark of course and too dark can be very harsh.

You’ll see that heaviness more on a mature skin.

So my tip here is to go as many shades lighter as you can without looking too washed out.

A few highlights may help, rather than damaging the hair too much.

Dark brown hair can go a few shades darker.

If you feel that your chocolate brown hair is getting a little dark you can lighten that down a few shades, or add some highlights. Or you can see just how blonde you can go according to your underskin tone. You can also opt for a rosey gold tone as in the first image above.

Rose gold hair


Natural toffee blonde hair will darken as you age and may need to be lightened a little or you can darken a little as well.

Blonde hair is the trickiest of all, because it darkens as we age, and not all blonde colours are optimal.  

It’s best to get some great colour advice about the right depth and tone of blonde that suits you the most. 

Here are just a few tones of blondes pictured below.

Blonde hair tones

 As you can see there are many variations and you’ll note there are a number of blonde shades that you’ll love and others you won’t.

Right blondeRight blonde colourRight blonde

My suggestion is if you’re not happy with your hair colour, speak to a colour specialist of your hairdresser and experiment with a few different shades, until you find some tones and depths you’re happy with.

For further information or a colour analysis contact Your Colours and style.

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