7 steps to your Image transformation-Step 3-How to create your ultimate Capsule wardrobe

7 steps to your image transformation

Step 3 How to create the Ultimate Capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe

Less is more

Most people wear 20% or their wardrobe 80% of the time.

If lockdown's taught us anything, we've learned that we just don't need all the stuff in our closets.

Perhaps it's time for less is more. Or quality over quantity? It might be time to support local designers and manufacturers and buy Australian even if the price tag is a little bigger than all the throw away items we've purchased on a whim.

Surely all that culling and cleaning in the past few months, has started us  thinking. How can we do this better? So from a colour consultant's perspective how will you cull your wardrobe successfully, have a functional and beautiful  wardrobe and dress for success every time not just once in a while?

Don't throw away things you can use.

Wardrobe cull

This sounds pretty obvious but how will you know what suits you and looks best on you or what is actually functional if you have never had a proper colour and style analysis?

What will you remove from your already cluttered space?

As a colour analyst, I have studied colours for 14 years to give my clients clear guidance on what colours are best for them and how to choose the thousands of colours that belong in their wardrobe.

Because there are over 16 million colours, you cannot be expected to know which ones suit you best without this guidance.

Cull with your seasonal colour palette.

have your colours done

Once you have had your colours done, use your colour palette to work out which colours have no business taking up space in your more functional wardrobe.

If your wardobe is cluttered with the wrong colours, it makes it more difficult to work out what looks best on you.

You cannot mix certain colours together. Colours from your palette are always your best option and will always create the best stylish outfits.

Remove all the old pieces as well as the ones that don't fit or are in the wrong style.

Keep to the less is more principle to be able to part with clothes you've kept for years and not worn away.

You will learn about your style and what suits your body shape over time and these are what you want as staples. The style principles come very easily when you work on your colours first.

A list of your key pieces and colours

Capsule wardrobe pieces

Obviously knowing your colours is key to your Image Success.

Have you had a colour analysis?

For your colours and style clients that have had a colour analysis please email ros@yourcoloursandstyle.com.au for a comprehensive colour guide with all your seasonal colours and classic ideas to start your capsule wardrobe from scratch.

This list will describe in detail

1. The offending colours that need to be removed from your wardrobe, according to your colours

2. How to choose your best neutrals according to your seasonal colour palette

3. What are your basics

4. How to choose classic pieces for your age

5. How to create your "signature style"

These details will be emailed to you as your perfect guide to dress for Success with your perfect Capsule Wardrobe in Your Colours.

For more information contact Your Colours and style









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