7 Steps to Image Success-Lesson 2-Cull your wardrobe

Cull your wardrobe using your swatch

Seasonal colour swatch

To achieve Image Success it's important to follow certain steps.

In Step 1 in the last blog, I discussed having an accurate colour analysis.

This is the Key that unlocks your true Image potential and shows you how to wear colours that flatter who you are.

Once you have had your colours done, you will receive a seasonal Colour swatch.

Follow this link to see the colour swatches available.


Only 4 seasonal colour palettes

I personally only endorse the 4 seasonal colours, as every known colour can be allocated into only 4 groups

So many are confused with the plethora of colour systems and swatches

Incorrect colour swatches

Note the swatch below called Dark Autumn actually has colours from every season.

Wrong colours in seasonal colour swatches

If you're not sure about your colours feel free to contact Your Colours and Style for an accurate colour analysis and swatch.

Your colours are endless

Your swatch is an excellent tool to determine the many fabulous colours that suit you. With over 16 million colours, you will find that an huge number of those colours belong in your palette.

Even though the palette has only 32 colours, learning to work your colour palette is a must, as it reveals the diversity of colours available to you.

If you're not sure of your "colour rules" please contact me and I will email them to you.

You look best in your colours

Wearing all your colours is so liberating to your Image. You will loo younger, slimmer, more attractive and more stylish.

As a colour consultant my goal is to teach my clients how to do that well. When I say ALL your colours, there are literally thousands of choices.

In the last blog I outlined how to find all your colour choices by using your swatch correctly.

Personal style

Remove all the wrong colours from your wardrobe

The wrong colours

Have you noticed a mixture of colours in your wardrobe that do not go together or "flow"?

Mixing everything with black for example is a real no no.

Not everything goes with black. In this image you have a warm teal colour from the Autumn Palette and a black from the Winter Palette. This is the best way to look drab and dull.

This is a real image breaker. It's best to coordinate only from your colour palette.

So the first thing is to remove all the items in your wardrobe that are not in your palette.

This may be brutal as you grieve over the things that hold sentimental and monetary value.

If this is too difficult, I always suggest placing them in another room until you grow with your new colours and the "new you"

Interestingly enough, the new you may take a little while to get used to as you are familiar with your old look.

Old being the operative word, because you will look older in the wrong colours. 

Holding on to items that are not in the right colours' sets you up to fail.

Your capsule wardrobe should "flow"

How do you build a great capsule wardrobe?

By using only the right colours.

Once you place the right colours in your wardrobe everything with go together and everything will look fabulous on you.

You'll look great from top to toe.

mature style

Start building with your basics.

So many stylists tell their clients their basics are black and white and so they build a wardrobe around the dominant cool colours that only go with black.

You're basics are the classics in your neutral colours first, and then items in your fashion colours.

Jeansfashion mature womenmature fashion

Choose the neutral shades in your swatch and begin building with those.

Just that one pair of jeans in your colours will go with every shirt, every jumper and every jacket.

This is how you are going to have so many outfits with so few garments.

Of course you can then grab one or 2 pairs of shoes and even 1 bag in any of your colours and you'll be surprised at how many outfits one thing can go with.

Maroon bag
I hope you're finding these tips helpful. Just go with your swatch and cull your wardrobe and I'll see you with the Lesson 3 of 7 steps to your Image transformation.


Please contact Your Colours and style if you find you need help with any of these steps.










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