7 steps to your image transformation

7 Image Transforming steps

Seasonal colour swatches

Step 1-How to use your seasonal colour swatch

Congratulations on taking the 1st step towards your best image.

Colour is the key to your image success and identifying your colours is the best place to start for transformation.

 Colour is more complex than people imagine simply because there are over 16 million of them. In fact the number is probably an infinite number.

Also hundreds of confusing colour systems have emerged that are just misleading and incorrect.

Most people in the world wear the wrong colours.

 Most people in the world wear the wrong colours most of the time because they don’t know their colours.

 Many people default to black for this reason, or just wear the wrong colours, which is sad because finding the right colours can change the way you look completely.

Thank you for choosing your colours and style colour analysis.

I take the responsibility of giving you the right colours seriously.

This accurate colour system was birthed out of 10 years of research, to make colours simple and easy to follow for everyone.

This system works for all.

How to use your swatch

Your swatch is your colour guide for everything.

Follow the link below to order your own swatch to take with you every time you shop.


Your hair colour, make up, clothes and accessories can be chosen from following the colour rules outlined below.

Here are the rules to follow for a Summer. If you have been diagnosed as another season please contact Your Colours and style for how to choose your colours.

Hair                                      make up                               clothes

Right brown hair coloursmature make upYour colours and style


How to use a summer seasonal palette correctly

Summer Colours.

In your brown range do not go any darker than the darkest brown in the swatch

Your lightest browns are taupes and you can have all variations in between.

Rose gold is a colour you can wear so browns that look rust but are more in the rose gold tones will work beautifully.

All cool beiges and pinky beiges.

All dusty roses

Don’t go lighter than the light clear pink in the swatch.

Don’t go darker or brighter than the dark clear pink.

Your dark blues are French muted blues and dusty or denimy blues.

No darker than French blue, no lighter or brighter than sky blue in the swatch, no warmer than the robin’s egg blue

Blue denims all tones but not too dark or ink blue.

Ink blue and deep navy are in the winter palette.

Corals that are blue and pinker based rather than yellow based.

Avoid peaches and creamy colours.

Your whites are cool muted or antique off whites with no cream base.

Avoid pure white.

There are some light grey based khakis as well.

What metals to wear

Rose gold cuff

Silver, platinum, pewter, white and rose gold


Garnets, diamonds, rubies, cool Jade, Pale Amethyst, Emeralds, Sapphire, off white or grey pearls

Neutrals Cold browns, rose golds, Taupes, Café au lait, Denims Burgundies, French blues, Off white, Light greys

Neutral colours


 Taupes, cool blue, rose golds, silver, clear, light pink, tortoise shells or any colours from your seasonal swatch


Here is a link to my personal pinterest page to check out seasonal colours.

All 4 seasons are listed so you know what not to wear as well as what to wear.


Follow the link and add your favourite colour and styles to your own boards.

I have a private pinterest page for you with thousands and thousands of colour and style ideas.

 Please email me ros@yourcoloursandstyle.com.au for your personal  invitation and I will send you your own link.

The next steps to your image success.

Lesson 2

How to cull your wardrobe

How to cull your wardrobe using your swatch

 Lesson 3

 How to create your ultimate capsule wardrobe

The perfect capsule wardrobe

 Lesson 4

How to choose the best colours for your hair

Blonde bob

Lesson 5

How to choose make up in your colours

Make up for matire women

Follow the link for seasonal make up colours



Lesson 6

 How to shop for success with your colour palette online or in store.

Successful online shopping

Lesson 7.

 How to dress your age, your body and your personality.

Mature womens fashion in the right colours


“Looking forward to your transformation”

 Feel free to call me for any information

Ros Holden 0413875471

Or email ros@yourcoloursandstyle.com.au

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