What is a Colour Analysis?

Colour analysis for your Personal style

Have you ever had your colours done?

Are you aware of the benefits to your look by wearing your colours?

If you're a young woman or a mature woman, wearing the right colours is really a style game changer.

(Young woman before and after wearing her colours)

What Colours suit me

If you're a mature woman, wearing the right colours is more important, than when you were younger because the aging process accentuates all your flaws.

If you notice yourself, often looking a little dull and drab, you may just be wearing the wrong colours.

Even celebrities can improve on their colours

An example of her wearing the right colours is on the right.

To maintain a youthful look, she should continue to wear the colours in the  image on the right.

Before and after transformations

Women in the right Colours

A professional colour analysis, will help you find ALL the right Colours in your Seasonal Colour Palette.

Women in the right colours Colour swatches and drapes


It's all about the underskin tone

Colours really change the way you look.

To show the client  the right colours that suit them, the stylist will have a serious of cool, warm, dominant and muted coloured drapes.

The draping kit will have a variety of shades to demonstrate just how much the skin colour is affected by placing swatches against the skin.

It's up to the colour consultant to reveal to the client just how each colour affects the way they look

At first glance this coral swatch may appear suitable but the clarity of the skin, eyes, hair and lips is muddied on the left.

As mentioned the wrong colours are less noticeable on younger women.

The pink swatch shows how flattering the cooler shades are on this model.

(Note how the Coral colour adds an orangey warm tone?)

The next steps are to drape the client with one of each season in red, blue, green, yellow blue and white drapes.

The client will see how the different tones change the way she looks.

She will notice the wrong colours make her look older, duller, and less attractive.

The wrong colours highlight dark shadows, wrinkles, lines, pigmentation and redness. The right colours give clarity, brightness, freshness and youthfulness.

Draping in Colours Draping in colours

Before and after shots mature women

(It's obvious just how much younger, slimmer and more attractive this mature woman appears when she wears the right colours, on the right)

The process of a colour analysis

Since the 60's Colours has gone through major changes.

Originally Colour me Beautiful and other Colour Companies and Franchaise had just 4 seasonal palettes. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

From there many Colour systems emerged, making way for many different interpretations as well as mass confusion.

The 4 Colours system is and was accurate, but many untrained and unskilled analysts misdiagnosed clients, hence many more confusing systems appeared, deeming the original system, not enough.

The analysis is only as good as their interpretation of the process.  

Why are the 4 seasonal palettes so accurate?

Drapes for seasonal colours

There are an infinite number of colours. At least 2.5million

When you think of it, every colour on the planet can fit into one of 4 categories.

The categories are Cool Dominant, Cool Muted, Warm Brights or Warm Deep Colours.

So when the colour consultant does your analysis, they need to find the right palette that "blends" with your underskin tone.

They also need to have a good knowledge about how to slot the 2.5 million plus colours into the right category.

There are so many different seasonal colour swatches on the market, and many have combinations of all the colour categories in the one seasonal palette.

So women are confused and go back to wearing any old colour or lots of black

I have seen so many women like this, which is a real shame as they never experience the beauty of colour

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