How to be stylish over 50

Style for 50ups

You've seen it. Those women that never age, always fashionable, always stylish, always beautiful.

What is it about these women and how can you cash in on this ceaseless style that's the envy of every women?

Can all women age gracefully?

Women aging well

All women can age gracefully, but just how wonderful is it to see women looking better than just aging gracefully?

How good is it to see women looking spectacularly beautiful and confident with a look to attract positive attention?

What are the top tips you can attend to that will keep your glow throughout your aging seasons?

Nothing beats health and wellness

Health for mature women

Genetics play a major roll in our appearance, but we can enhance or hinder, what the good Lord has gifted us with.

We see the ravages of time upon womens' looks with years of neglect.

Our bodies and our face will only reflect, just how kind we've been to them over the decades.

So first things first. Health, wellness, fitness and strength are the underpinning for a super stylish nanny.

All the money, fashion and style tips in the world, won't help if we neglect the fundamentals of looking good by not attending to our health and well being

Healthy mature women

It's also so much better to dress a fit body rather than one that's neglected and overweight.

It's never easy as we age but staying fit and strong and keeping our weight stable is always a good goal.

Be your own style guru.

Fashionable older women

There are only 2 things that really matter for mature style.Being true to yourself and wearing your colours.

As a colorist and stylist my aim is to guide women toward the right colours

Most women wear the wrong colours most of the time, and this makes it extremely difficult to dress well as we mature.

Having your colours sorted, makes the world of difference when it comes to being a glamour granny. 

Get groovy

Stylish mature women

We all can be predictable, boring and ordinary when it comes to our image, but why should we be?

Once you have your colours done and 1000's of colour options are available to you, it's surprising just how creative you can be with your fashion designs.

Get imaginative, try new things, try things you think may not suit you, as long as they're in the right colours.

Did you know, the most beautiful outfit can look ghastly simply because it's in the wrong colour?

Those super stylish women are wearing the colours and styles that look amazing on them.

So what are you waiting for ?

Have a colour analysis and get super creative with your style.

Mature style


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