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Are you a 40 plus woman that feels like she's lost the proverbial fashion plot?

With a wardrobe full of drab, boring, black and depressing clothes.

Do you hate shopping? Feel you look yuk most of the time and really are quiet discouraged about the way you look?

Take heart my darling, you are not alone, if that makes you feel any better.

How many other 40 plus women do you see in the same sinking boat?

Who looks good

Really take a look around and who can you find that looks good?

If you're looking for your ques from your friends perhaps you're looking in the wrong place.

Have you noticed even the rich, famous, slim and beautiful women can have those bad days as well. Where their hair, make up and dress sense seems to have gone totally awry.

So don't take your ques from the stars either. They too can get it wrong.

My 3 courses for top to toe style.

Here are my 3 courses that will answer all your style, colour, image questions.

No 1 How to build a functional and stylish wardrobe.

Gets you fixed with colour and the right styles that look awesome on you

Class no 2. Youthful make up at any age.

Learn the top tips for a more youthful and attractive appearance in this hands on class

Introducing class no 3

So because these 2 classes have been so popular and transforming, I thought I would top it off with this class to put it all together.

Here is a little more information and I hope you can follow the link if you are anywhere near Jannali and book into these classes.

Or you may want to attend a class at my home in Ramsgate or have a group of your own .

Class outline

Many women say they have lost the plot when it comes to their fashion and style once they reach 40.

Join this fun and interesting class to help you achieve your ultimate image goals.

Leading colour consultant and stylist for mature women Ros Holden has been transforming thousands of women for over a decade with the top secret tips.


This Course can be considered a follow up to or a stand alone class:

No 1 “How to build a function and stylish wardrobe”
No 2 "Youthful make up at any age
Once you’ve gathered tips, skills and information from these other 2 courses, you’re now ready to complete your top to toe make over.

Course Outline:

  • The secret to your Image success
  • How to adopt the secret
  • What to do with your hair
  • Recapping on the make up
  • What’s in your wardrobe
  • What should be in your wardrobe
  • Working with the 3 outfits. Is it or is it not working
  • Your total "signature style"

Learning Outcomes:

  • Suitable hair colour and styles
  • The right make up for you
  • How to cull your wardrobe successfully
  • What to include in your wardrobe
  • How to dress your shape
  • How to dress your age
  • How to accessorize
  • What is your signature style

What to bring:

  • It would be helpful if you bring up to 3 outfits that we can work with on the day.
  • You’re very welcome to include shoes and accessories as well.

About the Tutor:

“I have been a professional Colour Consultant, Image Consultant and Personal Shopper and Stylist for 13 years.

During this time I have literally seen thousands of women transform from top to toe in their true colours.

It's my passion to see women find their own unique signature style and true confidence in their personal image that I share with every class I teach.” Ros

There are places available

If there isn't a class to suit you, please



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12 top tips to youthful make up

12 top tips to youthful make up

How to look younger in your make up

Are you over 40 and would like to know how to have a make up look that's youthful as well as relevant?

Are you tired of the make up looks in the magazines that relate only to young women?

Have you had many make up disasters and would love to know how to fix them?

Have you had your make up done and couldn't wait to take it off?

These are the problems that plague so many mature women.

We are no longer considered "young", but we don't want to feel old and frumpy either. We certainly still want to look attractive and well groomed.

Over many years Your Colours and style has encountered  hundreds of women that struggle with their make up.

After working with countless older women, longing to be stylish, I have discovered the top industry secrets to a more youthful look.

Most mature women want fresh and natural make up

When I ask mature women, "what's the one word to describe how you want your make up to look?" The top answer is NATURAL. Now that can be a far cry from the sort of make up looks we see in the magazines today.

Older women can not wear the same make up as younger women!!!!!!!

When we age our skin changes, that's no surprise. Lines and wrinkles appear. The skin becomes less plump and hydrated. Dark circles, dark lines, pigmentation and redness are all something that most women experience as they age. So how do you combat the imperfections, without wearing a mask?

Youthful skin, youthful make up

Before you consider applying any make up, my recommendation is to tend to the skin first. Moist, hydrated well cared for skin, will always look better in the right make up, so invest in good skin care even before your make up.

My recommendation is Ciencia skin care products.

Here is my before and after image after using this product for 9 years. 2008-2017


The key to youthful make up is colour

The top tip for wearing make up that looks more youthful is to wear make up that matches your underskin tone and is in your seasonal colours.

Do not go to an inexperienced make up artist that checks your skin tone by looking at your veins. This is not the way to match your make up. You will also need to find products that are in the right colours as well.

As a colour consultant, what I will do is match the make up colours and right toned formulas to my clients skin. Youthful make up will blend in with your skin tone, not sit on top, or compete with your natural colour.

My 14 top steps to youthful make up

1. Brow. Create a brow that is soft and natural and inkeeping with your face shape, with a gentle undulation. If brows are too thin, a soft brow pencil will create a beautiful shape. I like to use Cougar Brow wax as well as the soft brow powder with a very thin angle brush and use small hair strokes to create a beautiful brow.

2. Concealer. YCS Concealer No 104 will be a good colour for most women.

Apply under brow, above brow, all over eye lid, in the corner of the eye where the skin is dark, under the eye lid, in the dark part of the eye bag and around and under nostrils.

3. Your Colour eyeshadows. 2-3 shades is fine. The lightest shade all over the eyeball and if you want a larger eye go a little further. You may put shade 2 in the crease, in the corner of the eye or part crease. The dark shade will go along the lashline with a very fine angle brush on it's own or over the kohl pencil.

4. Tight line with a kohl pencil under the bottom lashes, for eye definition.

5. Using a very thin wet angle brush do a very thin line along the top lashes, can be over a very thin kohl line.

6. Lashings of Brown mascara only. Black is too harsh,.

7. Mix a tiny amount of YCS Foundation in your exact shade with a clear primer over face and blend into the concealer under eyes.

8. Optional powder, very lightly with translucent powder or a light dust with YCS Wet and dry powder

If you still show redness across cheeks or chin for example you can repeat steps 7 and 8.

9. Highlight cheeks with YCS Rose Gold Bronzer/Highlighter.

10. Punch a touch of blush onto cheek bones. Blend.

11. "Plump" the lip shape with a lip pencil lightly colour in,

12. Apply a full amount of lipstick.

13. Lip gloss is optional in the full part of the lips.

14. Spray with Motives 10 years younger setting spray

For more details or demonstrations contact Your Colours and style





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