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Shop now for Summer

Shop now for Summer

Now is the best time to shop for Summer

Personal shopper sydney


There’s never been more sales and bargains in store and online, and with a little bit of know how you can be the smartest shopper of all.

Always shop your colours

Shopping in your colours

Colour is the key to your Image Success. If you have trouble shopping, you are not shopping your colours.

Think about this. If you are aware of the thousands of colours in your seasonal colour palette, your choices become endless.

That’s why we can find 30 items in 3 hours on a personal shopping trip for my clients. They find pieces they love and are inspired by, because there’s so much to choose from and everything coordinates when you choose only the colours that suit you, and then consider the style and design.  

Your wardrobe will be more functional and extensive if you shop like this. Coordinating from your palette only, gives you endless outfits to wear.

 Please begin by having a professional colour analysis. You will see the benefits for your shopping and your wardrobe.

Bargains and more bargains.

Clothes on sale

Whether you shop online or in store, there is so much on offer, like this Trenery outfit on sale. Whenever you go to a website, check out the sale tab first.

There’s always something on sale. If you’re a wise shopper, you’ll hardly ever have to pay full price.

How often do you see an half priced sale with an additional 20% off for example?

So don’t be hasty, plan your wardrobe. Target the items you’re looking for.

With the extra sales you can shop for quality rather than quantity.

Usually the higher priced pieces, last longer, look better and fit more perfectly. You may also begin to find stunning exclusive pieces this way.

Personal shopping trips

Personal shopper Sydney

This lovely client shops smart by traveling to Sydney and purchasing her whole wardrobe annually. What a way to shop!!!


If you’ve never had the experience of shopping with a personal shopper, you’re in for a real treat.

Firstly there’s nothing better than a second opinion from a personal stylist who knows about the colours and styles that suit you, and is willing to give you an honest appraisal on how you look, with no hidden agendas, like commission.

Personal shopping is targeted

Personal shopping

Personal shopping is targeted. You have a budget. You have a list. You have a professional by your side. You’re set to win and to dress for success, and who likes to shop alone anyway?

Another benefit of a personal shopper, is the knowledge they bring. So many times, my client has said “I would never have picked that, but I love it.”

A colour specialist will find colours and combinations you never dreamed of.

Get your shopping list ready

Summer wardrobe list

What’s your next step? After having your colours and style analyzed, the next steps are culling your wardrobe and clearing all the junk.

Next make your list and get your budget ready. Did you know you can save a lot of money if you’re an organised shopper?

Once that’s taken care of, book a day with your personal shopper, preferably during the week when it’s not too busy in store and get your list and budget ready.

I like to take my clients into the city where we can target lots of different stores and labels.

Book your personal shopping experience

Book your personal shopper

If you would like to book a personal shopping trip in Sydney please contact Your Colours and style.

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