Beautiful budget shopping

How to dress for success on a Budget

Dress your colours

Step 1-Get your colours analyzed

Shopping has never been so much fun, once you learn about your colours.

Seriously I love taking my clients shopping, because success lies in wearing the right colours.

And if you can't shop in person, what's wrong with shopping online with me?

If you're struggling with pulling a wardrobe together, the first place to start is with a professional colour analysis

I am pleased to say I have devised an online colour analysis, to start my clients off, that can't see me in person to get their colours right.

Then you can go online and shop to your hearts content once you are colour aware.

The benefits of knowing your colours, is your choices have just exploded.

People think wearing your colours, limit your options, but it is quite the opposite.

Not only does it broaden your options, it makes shopping so much fun as well as successful. You will look amazing in everything you buy.

So many budget brands and sales

Dress for success

Retail being what it is gives us many places to go. Shop in store, shop online, shop overseas labels online, shop brands, shop sales, shop vintage, shop, shop, shop.

So how are your shopping habits?

Do you have a plan?

Have you thought about your purchases or are you random, wasting time and money?

Let's get a shopping plan.

If you are one of my mature clients, you probably have trodden the road of wasted thousands of dollars over your lifetime on too much fashion.

If you're tired of spending wasteful dollars, come with me on your "plan your wardrobe" trip. 

Shop your wardrobe first

wardrobe cull

Hang on a minute. Before you step out the door, or shop online, get sensible and check out your existing wardobe first.

It's ridiculous buying another pair of pants, when you already have 10 perfectly good pair in your colours in your closet. Or another pair of jeans when you already have 5 suitable pair.

Sort out what you have, make an inventory, consider what is NEEDED in your wardrobe and make a targeted effort toward that garment. This is how you can make your wardrobe more functional, fun and interesting. Nothing worse than a wardrobe full of snap buys you never wear.

My 5 top tips to budget shopping.

Get your colours done

So there you have it.

Tip 1. Get your colours done first. Either in person with my colour and style analysis or my online course.

Tip 2. Show your wardrobe first. What is good, what needs to go so you will know what to start with

Tip 3. Make a budget for the quarter, so you do not spend $$$$ you do not have.

Tip 4. Make a list of what you really want or need.

Tip 5. Look at the tried and true labels that fit and are not complete rubbish. The ones you have tried before and are happy with the quality, even though they are budget.

Tip 6. Shop with discernment. Don't just buy on a whim. Look carefully and consider "is this really what  I want or need"

Hope you enjoyed this blog.

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