5 top tips to Choosing a Winter coat

How to choose a winter coat

Winter coat

A winter coat is a great staple so we all need a coat/jacket or two for the cooler months.

The great thing about having a stylish cosy winter jacket is you can almost have a trans seasonal wardrobe. Wear your lovely silk shirts and stylish jeans and keep warm enough with your coat.

A good jacket is usually a substantial investment so be sure to make a wise purchase.  

Top 5 tips to choosing the perfect winter jacket.

Always choose the right colour

I know a lot of women just settle for a black coat thinking it goes with everything. But this is not the case.

Once you’ve had your colours done, you will be aware of the many colour choices you can make.

It’s so much more fun choosing a colour than just going all black. My suggestion is, with something like a coat you may want to stick with the neutrals in your seasonal colour swatch to make the colour more versatile, to go with many more outfits.

Winter coat


Now I am not saying your yellow jacket won’t go with many things. It will. As long as it’s a yellow in your colour palette. But a beige in your colours will probably cater to more outfits

The right length

Your height will determine what length of jacket you can wear. Generally, the taller you are the longer the jacket you can wear. So if you are a tall slim build, you can almost wear a long jacket to your ankles.

If you are shorter best to choose a long jacket to just above the knee.

If you’re choosing a coat rather than a full length jacket, the taller you are the longer you can wear a short jacket as well.

Women with slimmer waists or the petite size women, can have a short jacket, like a Chanel cut that sits on the waist.

Winter coat Chanel jacket


Width of lapels

 Broad lapels accentuate width. If you are broad chested, busty or have a fuller figure, opt for a slimline lapel.

Keep the look sleek and simple. If you are a slimmer person with narrow hips you can wear wider lapels or if you are very tall you can usually carry a wider lapel. If you have narrow shoulders you can balance the top part of your body with a wider lapel as well.

Winter coat Your Colours and style

 Position of buttons

Double breasted buttons accentuate width so best to wear the jacket open if that is the case. If you are fuller in the waist avoid a button on the waist and go for a single breasted coat.

Winter jacket


Side Pockets

Pockets draw attention to the area they are placed so consider if and where you would like to have pockets.

Winter jacket

One more thing you may wish to consider is the fabric and the cut of the garment. You get what you pay for when it comes to something like a coat and jacket and this is probably where you need to spend a little more to get a great cut and fabulous fabric.

You can often see a lovely coat in the right colour and style, but inferior fabric will sometimes pill and lose it’s shape pretty quickly. Go for something special and it will be keeping you warm and stylish for many seasons to come.

If you are not sure about your colours or style, be sure to contact me-Ros Your Colours and style






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