Youthful make up step by step application


Here are some detailed step by step instructions for my make up classes.

Youthful make up

Step by step.

Beautiful skin makes beautiful make up.

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Ciencia 8 pigmentation pack


Concealer YCS Cosmetics Cover all concealer

Cover the whole eye, in the corner, under the lashes, around nose, above brow, any red, brown, purple skin can all be diminished with the #104 Concealer which is the same as the #201 cover all foundation

How to apply your eyeshadows.

YCS eyesahdows

Create a crease with a soft brown like a number #93 eyeshadow, if you don’t already have a very deep set eye.

Use a lovely shimmery champagne colour under the brow

Use a nice light colour on the lid and extend higher to open the eye up.

If you want colour in the corner put a stripe of a really dark colour like #424 or #204 eyeshadow from the outer corner of the eye, half way up to the brow.

Blend your shadows in and up of course.

Shape your brow with the Cougar Brow Kit $37

Use a very sharp angle brush and the wax on the right and shape your brow accordingly.

Brush in with a mascara wand/brush

Brush some of the middle soft brown powder lightly over to set


Kohl pencilretractable eye


Use your kohl pencils like violet, brown, charcoal, dusty blue, emerald green (Never black)

As a tight line UNDERNEATH the top lashes.


And kick up in the corner and upwards.


Use your brow brush and wet with a little water if you want a very thin dark line along your top lashes and just touch the root on the lashes on top with a dark colour like #424 eyeshadow and make the top lashes stand out more.

Apply BROWN mascara top lashes only. Black or gold case

MascaraYCS Brown mascara

Once your make up and concealer is on under your eye, you can use this brush to just touch the bottom lashes as well.


Choose your depth. 01 light 02 medium 03 dark 04 deep

Choose formula Hydrating formula

YCS Hydrating formula

FH301 Light, FH302 Medium. FH 303 Dark Ask for deeper shades.


Cover all foundation

YCS Cover all foundation

#201 Light #202 Medium #203, 204 dark, #206 Deep as for darker shades.

Wet and dry or powder

Wet and dry foundation

Choose one that matches your foundation. Can be used wet or dry and on it’s own if you want a quick fix.

Apply all over face, or part, mix and thin out with tiny dab of  reflect primer

Apply a thin dust of powder(optional) and then you may go over lightly again with foundation especially if you want to cover more or have a red face.

Blush bronzer/highlighter.

Rose gold bronzer

Apply to the outer corners of cheek and up towards temple.


May be punched in lightly if you want more colour just along the top area of the bronzer. Blend


Frame your lips and reshape with a good lip pencil

YCS lip pencilRetractable lip





Spray with 10 years younger setting spray

Motives 10 years younger spray

I hope this is very helpful and your make up looks lovely.

Ros Your Colours and style

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The company that produces is a family owned business and supplies make up to beauty therapists and make up artists all over the world.

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Not tested on animals

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100% Hypo-allergenic

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