7 Steps to Image transformation-7C Dress your personality

Dress your personality

This is the last step of the top to toe transformation. If you follow the 7 steps on my blogs, I promise you will see a major difference for the better with your Image. I have seen so many women over the years gain so much more confidence and style and really get to love the way they look.

Dressing YOUR Personality

I’m a great believer of being true to yourself. There is absolutely no point in dressing like someone else. You know the old saying. “be yourself everyone else is taken”

My very strong advice though, is always be yourself within your own colours.

If you choose outfits in the wrong colours you will not look like your “true self”

If you completely change the way you look but if it’s not congruent with your personality and who you are, you’ll never feel comfortable.

If you may make some major changes with your make over, it’s important to stay within your personality type.

Your Personality type

What’s your personality type? And how to dress accordingly.

We all have a dominant personality type so dressing to that really makes sense. There are a few obvious personalities to note.

The crazy sanguine, who is always the life of the party. The very quiet introverts, or the super conservatives and then there’s the all about business types.

Imagine a total introvert wearing large hats, big bold beautiful beads, outrageous colours and crazy make up.

You know the ones. It just wouldn’t go, would it?

Crazy style Your Colours and style

Or a super extrovert looking like a school marm, dressed in uniform khaki’s, looking drab, dull and uninteresting. Oh I am not saying there’s anything wrong with being super introverted or that a super conservative needs to look dead, dull and boring. What I am saying is that every personality type can look amazing in styles that complement their personality.

7 Style personality types to consider.

There are many style personalities, I believe, but to make it simple and a round number let’s look at 7 different style types and see if you can see yourself in one, two or many.

Certainly there’s no reason for you to stick to one type. You can feel comfortable and look fabulous in a number of different style genres,


Elegant style Your Colours and style

The elegant dresser is effortlessly classy and beautiful. Elegant can cover a lot of styles and of course it is a little more dressy than a casual outfit. Elegant can be worn day or night and it’s wonderful to be described as someone that always looks elegant.

Aim for great fitting, lovely fabrics and a beautiful hang to the garment. Do you have to spend a million dollars? Not always. You can dress elegantly without spending big dollars, so be sure the garment is of reasonable quality. I must stress that it is always important to dress your personality strictly in the colours that are in your colour palette.

Your style always suffer if it is not in the right colours.


Classic style your colours and style

Classic is timeless style. Something that looks good in the 50’s or in modern times. We’ve all seen those vintage looks that we admire and wish we could see them in the shops today. Gorgeous, great lines and forever fashionable.


Sporty style Your Colours and style


Our body shape often dictates the sort of styles that suit us best. So obviously the sporty girl with a more athletic look is going to look great in a sporty type style. Comfortable, easy go anywhere style.


Dramatic style Your Colours and style

Dramatic comes with a punch. You will never overlook the dramatic dresser. Be careful in your attempts to look dramatic you may go for the wrong colours so be sure to work within your colour palette. Looking dramatic in the wrong colours can make you look garish and sometimes silly. Dramatic style lends itself to unusual cuts, bold prints, geometric prints, glamorous shoes, unusual accessories like interesting bags and shoes. Be bold with your colour mixes within your seasonal colours.


Boho style Your Colours and style


This feminine and flirty style is always current, always beautiful and can suit women of all ages. It’s just not for the young girls, so adjust the styles accordingly. Boho lends itself to pretty prints and laces and frills, gorgeous hats and lovely sandals. It is always a lovely summer choice.


Feminine style your colours and style


You can’t mistaken  the feminine style. Soft, floaty, womanly. The feminine style is not for everyone. Frills and lace may not suit you, your personality or even your body shape. This style really enhances the petite woman.



Chic style Your Colours and style

Chic is the cutting edge look. Usually worn by the confident sophisticate. Really goes well with expensive makes and cuts. Emulate this style in your own way but always aim to be chic, I always say. And don’t let age get in the way.

Well here are just a few style ideas for you to ponder. I think with fashion always aim to be more creative, more chic and more beautiful. Every woman has her own unique beauty and fashion is all about finding that and playing beautifully with it.


Have fun and remember I am always here to help at Your Colours and style Sydney.




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