Culling your make up

Time to cull your make up

Culling your make up

How’s your make up stash? Have you a box full or multiple drawers of make up? Have you been collecting since the 80’s or are you someone that has a very small amount of make up?

Make up is like clothes

Make up is like clothes. You can only wear so much. If you have been hoarding the stuff for years, there will be drawers full of unhygienic matter, so maybe it’s time to cull.

Being organized and only carrying the right amount of anything is just a good idea, one that becomes more appealing to me as I grow older. So let’s get busy and cull our make up and get sorted in the make up department.

Ideally our make up should be a neat little package of the current cosmetics that are totally suited to us. Whenever I see my clients for a make up session or a personal stylist session, I always ask them to bring  all their make up along. That way we can determine together what is and what isn't helpful for them to wear.

What to throw away

The very first thing that must go is make up in the wrong colours. So many women say they have trouble getting the right foundation for example. So we find a foundation that’s perfect for them. It really is no use wearing the wrong make up just because you spent money on it.

Eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes in the wrong colours have to go as well.

Black mascara and the wrong colour kohl pencils are not good to keep.

Any make up that’s over 2 years old, most definitely should be tossed out.

It will probably be going off.

They say we should even replace our mascara every 6 months. Putting the wand in and out and applying to our lashes can introduce little germs.

Old brushes are best to be replaced and brushes, make up bags and containers need a regular clean.

What make up do we need?

Make up of course is individual. Some women love make up and are very good at applying it and other women are completely lost when it comes to wearing make up.

As an Image consultant, my view is mature women need make up to cover aging signs and define those fading features, like brows and lips. We can have a more youthful look just by wearing our make up well.

Make up for mature women

Before and after-Make up in the right colours

Make up essentials.

Here is a little list of the make up basics that after the original outlay will not break the bank, because you’ll use every drop of each product.

  1. Foundation-A great place to start. In the right colour of course, the right foundation can make you look years younger. YCS Cosmetics has foundation for ALL skin tones. It’s then just about choosing the formula you love to wear.

YCS Foundation for mature skin

2. Concealer A must product for older clients as it hides the dark and aged skin tone. Also doubles as a lovely eye base as well. I use the #104 on all my clients.

Ycs Concealer

3. Eyeshadows.Choose 1-5 in light, medium and darker shades in your colour palette of course. Mix and match and create your own eyeshadow look.

YCS Eyeshadows

4. Kohl pencils 1 or 2 in your colours are ample. Use for tight lines, highlighting lids etc

YCS Kohl

5. Brown mascara. Is a must for mature eyes. So much softer and more appealing.

YCS Mascara  YCS Brown Mascara

6. Lip pencils. Mature lips need to be defined and no better way than a lip pencil. A couple in darker shades and lighter shades to highlight your lipstick colours. You can also use lip pencils to create lots of lip colour ideas.

YCS Retractable lip pencils

7. Lipsticks. My favourite so have as many as you like in your colours. Great for lip condition and YCS lipsticks are chock full of essential oils.

YCS Lipsticks

8. Powder-Powder is optional so go for a translucent powder or a neutral wet and dry powder to seal your foundation, remove shine or just act as a foundation on it’s own.

YCS Translucent powder YCS wet and dry powder

9. Blush or rose gold bronzer in your colours to lift cheeks, define and shine. It looks beautiful.

YCS BlushYCS Your Colours Bronzing powder

10 Brow kit. Our brows need colour and definition. They thin and go grey, so a brow kit does wonders.

Cougar brow kit


These are go anywhere, suit every make up solution.

If you would like a free make up session contact your colours and style. Or see our great hands on make up classes.


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  • Ros holden

    Thank you ladies. It’s a pleasure to help women look their best and get organised

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