10 Things to Personal Shopping

My top 10 things to personal shopping

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Looks like you can go shopping again!!!!!

But before you hit the mall running, let’s talk about the 10 top things I as a personal shopper consider for my clients to get them the best bang for their bucks.

And how those 10 things ensure success each and every time we go shopping with lot’s of happy purchases, the clients just love.

I mean let’s face it, who wants to employ a personal shopper and come home with nothing or worse still come home with things you’re still not happy with and will never wear?

You’re quiet good at that yourself that’s why you may need a personal shopper.  

A personal shopping experience is meant to be something you could not do on your own. Right? Or at least an experience that helps you to shop better in the future.  


What are the 10 most important things I consider when shopping with my clients.


 Colour analysis Sydney stylist

THE most important, necessary, mandatory thing I consider is the colours that suit the client. I WOULD SAY COLOUR IS 80% OF THE STYLE EQUATION. The difference between wearing the wrong colour outfit and the right colour outfit is ridiculous.

I cannot stress how important the colour component of your wardrobe is if you want to look your best.

Why do I say that? Because most women are not reaching their true image potential and it’s always because they can improve when it comes to wearing the right colours.

Unless you have had a correct colour analysis with accurate colour swatches you will have clothes in your wardrobe in the wrong colours. It always happens. And when the client clears the wrong colours out, they and their wardrobe change, dramatically.




 Gained a few kilos lately? Or has your body shape changed? Body changes are a fact of life and a really important thing to factor in when you dress and when choosing styles that are the most suitable for you to wear.

 Women over 40 especially may notice a few extra bumps and lumps. Your weight determines which styles suit your body.

 Have you noticed when you lose just 5 kilos, how much better an outfit will look?


Before and after


“Mutton dressed up as lamb”, is something most mature women don’t want to be. So how to dress appropriately? One major mistake women make is showing too much skin. They forgot to look in the mirror and realise their once taut and toned arms and legs are no longer. That’s why we have things like knee length dresses and not mini’s. Check out my other blogs about being “Age Appropriate”


mature women

This one is pretty obvious. I am not going to dress a 60 year old woman that is a size 20 in the same styles as a 60 year old woman that’s a size 8.

A smaller frame will look much neater in her dress. Now being a size 8 is just a pipe dream for most of us, so best to know that we can find styles to flatter every shape and size. It’s all about knowing what designs of clothing are your best option.


Mature women

Style is all about proportion as well. You may be a short stout rectangle or a tall pencil thin rectangle and in the case of a shorter larger frame woman, you could almost be a square shape.

Obviously the style of dress for a taller slimmer woman is not the style of dress for a shorter fuller shape woman with maybe a very full bust. It’s great that dressing your shape can give the illusion of a more balanced frame, and there are style for every shape and size.


mature women

 As mentioned with height, style is about providing a balanced well-proportioned look. Think about width of shoulders, bust size, hip size, leg length, neck length etc all the body measurements that make up your proportions play a role in your style summary.


Mature style


 I may have 2 women of the same age, size, height, weight and colours but I will dress them in completely different outfits. One woman may be quiet and sophisticated in nature, the other woman playful and outlandish. I will let the clothing match the character.



Style on a budget sydney


 I love budget shopping. I really get a kick out of looking fabulous for a few dollars. I’m that one when I get a compliment to say. “Oh and these earrings only cost me $3.


It’s amazing, how knowing your colours can help you put the whole look together and can be a really fun adventure of finding those cute and edgy little bargains that make “your signature style” so unique.



Wardrobe cull sydney


 Going shopping? No. Hang on a minute. Before you go anywhere, take a look at what’s in your wardrobe first.

You can revamp an existing wardrobe if you’ve been diligent to cull the wrong colours first. Last seasons outfits become “new” again if you see them with fresh eyes when the calendar ticks over. If your wardrobe has ONLY the right colours, creating lots of outfits becomes easy.


Grab a belt, put that outfit with boots. Try a different cardi or jacket over the top. Cinch the waist in, let the shirt out, roll the sleeves up, turn the collar down. The main thing is get creative. Try a new hairstyle. Add a different statement piece of jewellery to make the outfit brand new. You’re only limited by your imagination.


  1. Last and final tip. YOUR ACCEPTANCE TO CHANGE.

Mature women style sydney

This last tip is a big one. You’re so used to seeing yourself a particular way and your impression of yourself is very strong. Some people love change and some people will oppose it with every fiber in their body. Which type are you? Be aware of that whenever you make any real changes in your life.

If you’re a resister, take it easy. Be kind to yourself. Make gradual changes you can live with and love and then tackle the next change. If you don’t change you’ll stay the same and who wants that?

If you have any questions contact Your Colours and Style always happy to help. Happy Shopping!!!


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