5 Colours mature women should never wear

Here are 5 colours to avoid

Most of us have heard about Colours. Getting your colours done, wearing colours that suit you.

The seasonal colour palettes. Looking good in your colours. It goes on and on.

How committed are people to wearing their colours? Do people really know what colours suit them?

Not really. And there is a whole lot of reasons for that. One’s that I will not go into in this blog.

But the big question is. If you look fabulous, great, younger, slimmer, more attractive in your colours then why don’t you wear them?

Like I said there is a lot I can say about colour, but as a colour professional/specialist, this blog is all about colours that are a big no no when we age.

5 Colours to avoid looking older

So many women have come to me over the years and explained there are certain colours that “just don’t look good on me anymore”

Or "I have to wear a scarf or something to break this colour up because it’s too dark, heavy or dull?"

So today I'm just going to name 5 of the big offending colours every mature woman should avoid if she doesn’t want to look old and frumpy.

See if you relate to any of these.

No 1. Electric Blue.

wrong colours

Why is this colour offender no 1?

Electric blue is bright and strong and it looks just like that on you. It stands out way to much and it’s not the type of attention you’re looking for

No 2. Orange

Wrong colours

Orange can either be a primary orange or a warm dull colour. It can either be too bright or too heavy.

Again you don’t want to look too bright or too heavy.

So avoid all oranges. Is there an orange type you can wear? 

Yes there is and your colour analysis will reveal that

No 3. Primary Red.

Wrong Colours

One of my sayings as a colour consultant is “if it’s too bright it’s not right”.

That’s what I say about MOST reds. Not all but most are too bright.

Think bright red lipstick. Not a good look for an older women.

Another reason why I avoid bright reds is many people just mix it with black.

A very frumpy combo for mature women.

No 4 Bright yellow

wrong colours

Again another colour that’s way too bright. Many clients shy away from yellow for

good reasons. But I always assure them there are some yellows that look fantastic

on them. Yellow can be really fresh and lovely. Especially in their casual wear.

Yellow is certainly a very summery colour so let your colour analysis determine

the best yellows to wear.


No 5 Black

wrong colour

Coming in as the key offender for mature women in colours not to wear is black

I know many think black is stylish, chic, slimming, evergreen, elegant, goes with everything, etc etc. But here is the kicker.

Take a photo of yourself in black.

Take a good hard look at it.

Ask yourself these questions.

Do I look dull? Does the black show shadow around my eyes, chin? Do I appear to

have more wrinkles? Do I look aged? Is this boring on me?

I could go on, but I rest my case.

Black is not flattering on older women and black does not go with every colour. In

fact it really only truly goes with the dominant cool colours.


Hope you've enjoyed this blog.

Try this and see for yourself and give me some comments about what you find.

Love to hear from you Ros Your Colours and Style





  • Ros holden

    Oh well after your colour analysis you will know thousands of colours to look great in Sue

  • Sue Fong Kee

    I used to wear most of those colours , but as I have aged I unfortunately can’t wear any of those colours , i just haven’t a found a colour yet I feel comfortable with .

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