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How to do your colours at home

Online colour analysis

Welcome to the world of online-zoom and virtual living.

Let's not allow our not being able to have  face to face consultations, stand in the way of enjoying life, learning new things and being motivated to look and feel as good as we can.

I am so glad to announce I have created an online colour analysis course to reach all the women around the world that are interested in knowing their colours, all in the comfort of their own home.

Colour is an amazing way to improve your look and style overnight.

Many of you may be looking drab and feeling sad, but this short video is here to rescue you from your fashion doldrums. 

15 years of colour  know how has been invested into this video so that I  can invest into my clients all the knowledge they need to get their colours right and begin their top to toe transformation.

How does a colour analysis help your Image and style?

before and after shots

I think this before and after Image is a very good example of just how powerful wearing the right colours is.

Looking better and younger 5 years after.

Are you feeling drab and looking older?

Do you find that no matter how hard you try, you cannot look your best?

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and yet you can't find anything that looks good on you?

Do you feel old and frumpy?

Well that is what wearing the wrong colours can do.

Not only that BUT you can never get the right style, while you're wearing the wrong colours.

How can a colour analysis help your image and style?

Here is a list of benefits and steps you can take to help you with your Image and explain why a colour analysis and getting those colours right is so important.

 It is the best thing you can do for your style to start with the right colours.

This little analysis is the beginning of your total image transformation and take heart I am now here to help you.

 Just follow the simple steps as I guide you.

 Step 1 Watch the video. If you want to be more professional you may hire the swatches

Seasonal colour analysis drapes

 Step 2. Send me an email with 3 images of yourself. And your findings. What season do you think you are?

 Step 3. I will accurately diagnose your colours. And tell you what season you are.

 Step 4. You may purchase your colour swatch if you desire,for $49.95 here is the link to order once you know your colours.

Winter seasonal colour paletteSummer seasonal colour paletteSpring seasonal colour paletteAutumn swatch

Step 5. I will show you how to use the colour swatch correctly.

 Step 6. Let’s look at your hair style and colour. I will send 3 suitable looks for you

 Step 7. Cull your wardrobe using the colours in your palette.

 Step 8 I will send you over 6,000 colour and style ideas you can adapt to your style from my private pinterest page.

 Step 9 We will talk about your style

 Step 10. Cull your make up with my 12 steps to youthful make up tips.

 Step 11. Create outfits from your wardrobe in your colours

 Step 12. Create an inventory of your wardrobe

 Step 13 Create a shopping list (if necessary) for future wardrobe injections.

 Step 14. Let’s put it all together with the 7 steps to transformation

What a great way to make your Image transformation for a tiny investment that will save you time, money and lots of despair over your look. And having you looking fabulous in the bargain!!!

I am so confident this can help you as I have seen it work on thousands of women already.

For more information feel free to call or contact me. Love to chat. And let's get started with your online colour course.






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