Why it's impossible to cull your wardrobe without your colours

Cull your wardrobe with your colour swatch

Wardrobe cull

Lock down has made many of us very industrious. It’s given us time at home. Space to breathe and time to think about making some good changes. Those good changes can certainly be put to good use in the area of our wardrobe and what we’re wearing.

Lots of women are also finding themselves in a place where their budget is not as healthy as it once was. And also finding themselves home more often than not and needing less outfits than before.

We may be desirous not to waste so much money on throw away fashion, or save on the environment. How many thousands of dollars have you spent on fashion over the years?

It’s interesting how lock down has us thinking of what really matters. Having a wardrobe jammed packed with clothes we never wear is one of those things that just don’t matter.

Anyone up for doing things smarter? And saving some money as well on your wardrobe?

And having a good clean up? I have just cleaned every room in my house so my wardrobe is next. There will be things to give away and things to post on e-bay, so it will be recycle style and not land fill.  There’s a desire to buy much less than before.

This weeks’ blog is all about Culling, Saving, Organizing and thinking more about the outfits we already have and what we will be wearing in the future.

Shop your wardrobe first before you ever think of buying another thing.

Cull your wardrobe


Use your seasonal colour swatch to cull your wardrobe

Summer colour swatch

Wearing your colours is the best way to look your best all the time. Especially as you mature. Lots of women reading this blog have had their colours done. Some of those women may have the wrong diagnosis, some may know a little about their colours and some know their colours well.

The women who know their colours well and how to use their colour swatch efficiently will get the best results with their image and be able to have a functional stylish wardrobe happening all the time.

If you need more information on how to get the most out of your colours, I am always here to help you with an accurate analysis and then how to find the thousands of colours from your colour palette.


As a colour consultant, the first thing I do when I cull a clients’ wardrobe is remove all the WRONG colours.

It’s a little difficult to remove the wrong colours when you don’t know your right colours.

Over the years I have met countless women who have had a misdiagnoses with their colours or have a swatch full of the wrong colours.

Wrong colour swatch

Here is a colour swatch that is very misleading it contains colours from Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring

When you have the right colours ,you are then able to go ahead with a successful cull.

There are some rules I have on how to remove the wrong colours so I can help you with that.

You can then keep the right colours in your wardrobe, begin your seasonal capsule wardrobe from there and then you will be very surprised just how many outfits you can make with a tiny amount of clothes.  

Capsule wardrobe

How freeing will it be to be able to go into your closet and see all the garments on offer?

All your garments with go together. It will be easy to create numerous outfits and you will look fabulous in every one of them.

If Culling your wardrobe successfully with an accurate colour analysis sounds good to you or you would like to learn more about your Colours in general please contact Your Colours and style.

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