Style it up Spring in your Colours

Dial up your style for Spring in your Colours

Spring fashion

We all can agree we could do with a little LIFT at the moment.

So get ready for your Spring make over/transformation to lift your spirits and make yourself and your wardrobe a little project to look and feel fabulous.

Top to toe-start with your hair

Colour your roots

Women are complaining about their hair. It's looking like a disaster, and a girl cannot feel herself whilst her hair is a total wreck.

Here are my quick tips to see you through til help arrives.

I am no hairdresser, but I do colour my own hair from time to time. Desperate times call for desperate measures and if you need to colour your own hair, there are many supermarket products that work a treat. 

Just doing your skunk part can make all the difference. You will feel semi human again!! So what colour should you use to be on the safe side?

My tips on colour. If you are very fair always look for a cool blonde or very light brown colour.

If you are mid brown go for a light brown colour

If you are black go for a mid brown colour.

This will get you through until you can get to the hairdressers again.

I'm sure your hairdresser will love to see you once lockdown is over, so let's remember to support them when we can.

Self care

nail colours

There's no excuse for us really not to do those things like paint our nails, defuzz and exfoliate our legs.

I'm about to give myself a good spring clean up and especially hydrate and moisturize and exfoliate my super dry legs. Mature skin needs all the help it can get, and dryness is a real issue.

If your legs look like this after being under those trackies for so long, do this 3 step process

1. Loofah or dry brush

2. Exfoliate with a good salt scrub

3. Super hydrate with our Collagen Foot Masque (can be used all over the Body and Hands as well) You can use on hands and feet and wear socks and gloves to bed and wake with silky smooth skin.

Order online.

dry legs collagen foot mask

Make your face up

What better way to have a lift than to wear some make up. I know we're not going anywhere, but we are really.

We're going to the supermarket, for a walk, to the doctors. We are actually going somewhere. Meeting up on Zoom. So a little make up will help us and others who see us from time to time.

make up kitsMake up for fair skinbefore and afterbefore and after dark make up

Ask about my rescue make up kits for a face you'll want to show off.

Comes in various packs. At Special prices in packs suitable For light, medium and dark skin. See the images above in order of colour

I am thinking of recording a couple of utube videos to send you as well if you're interested, with a few make up tips for a youthful make up appearance. 

Get your wardrobe in order.

spring edit

Now you're ready, inspired, motivated to put it all together with some lovely outfits, either from your existing wardrobe or you might want to treat yourself to a few pretty new pieces.

Remember colour is the key to looking youthful and glam so don't be tempted to buy/wear something that's not in the right colour for you.

I am always here to help you get those colours right.

This seasons Spring edit is all about light, linen and silk.

Here are a few lovely ideas. If you need any more tips about what suits you, what you can wear, what colours you should choose, give me a call, always happy to help.

Looking forward to looking lovely, light and beautiful for Spring.

Spring editspring editspring editspring editspring editspring editspring editspring editspring edit

Ros Your Colours and style

"Colour is the key to your Image Success"







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