10 Spring Capsule wardrobe basics

10 Capsule Wardrobe Basics for Spring

                         Capsule wardrobe basics

Whether you're  shopping your wardrobe or purchasing clothes online, starting with the right basics will be a great way to get a Spring wardrobe together.

One you will just love.

So what are my top 10 must have's for you as we move into the warmer months?

The Must nots

Wardrobe detox

Before we speak of the must haves, let's talk about the must nots. 

I always say "fashion is often about not what to wear, as much as what to wear",

Many stylists will claim every wardrobe starts with the LBD (little black dress), a pair of black jeans, black pants and a white top, just to name a few.

But sadly this is not a good place to start if you're looking for ageless style. MATURE women have special needs when it comes to style.

This approach has caused mature women a lot of grief and confusion when it comes to looking great and having a really workable wardrobe.

One of the main reasons why you could be struggling with your wardrobe is you are starting with black and white as your basics. 

Black and white are not everyone's basics.

Your seasonal colours are your basics and getting started with your basic neutrals is the way to go.

Your first step is your colour swatch

Summer swatch

Armed with your seasonal colour swatch and an idea of all the neutrals in your seasonal swatch is the starting point to your wardrobe.

So here are some top tips to basics I love to use for my clients for an amazing transformation.

My 10 must-haves for Spring

My absolute must have number 1 is my light off white jeans. I wear them everywhere and every way. Casual, dressy and everything in between.

Off white jeans

Must have no 2 is the washed denim jean. Always, always a staple for every wardrobe.

Staple capsule wardrobe

Not too tight, not too loose, just right . This jean goes with everything is always stylish, effortless and cool. 

Spring wardrobe staples

Staple no 3. The linen/off white/light shirt. Know that a shirt maker suits all ages, all style of women and all shapes as well. Nothing is more elegant than a linen shirt.

Spring capsule wardrobe

My staple no 4. The denim jacket. The humble denim jacket has been around since Levi's were invented and what a wonderfully versatile and stylish piece of equipment it is.

Again this jacket suits all ages, shapes and sizes. Dress it up and dress it down and for those cool nights in Spring what better cover up can you have?

capsule wardrobe

My elegant staple no 5. The beautiful colourful top. Nothing makes me more happy than to don a beautiful colourful shirt/blouse/top when the mercury starts to rise.

Adding a stunningly stylish top brings your sense of individuality and style into play.

If you want to wear sleeveless you can, or if not go for a little sleeve or a sheer long sleeve lightweight fabric top to make your style statement.

 capsule wardrobespring capsule wardrobe

Staple no 6. The lightweight coloured or neutral shade pant.

The occasion may call for something more dressy than jeans, so a beautifully tailored cotton or even a very lightweight woollen or linen pant is just the thing.

Remember you have a multitude of neutrals to choose from as well as all the other colours in your palette. Did you know for example, lemon goes with hundreds of other colours?

Spring wardrobe

Staple no 7. You're not going anywhere without that sombrero. Hat's add so much flavour to your outfit and be sure to choose something that makes a statement.

It's another piece that works towards your total look and there are so many creatively interesting  hats to choose from.

Spring wardrobespring wardrobe

Staple no 8 You're shoe statement. I am aware that not all mature women feel comfortable in heels but if you are please let them scream style.

Think of all the women you know that are known by the shoes they wear.

And if you're not that lady that loves shoes or thinks that shoes are only made for walking then try and be as stylish as possible in the right colours at least.

You can always find a funky flat sandal for spring or a fashionable comfortable flat.

spring wardrobe

Staple no 8. You're sunnies. What an excuse to add another stylish layer to your look.

Sunnies not only look great, they cover the eyes giving a more youthful appearance and also protect our eyes in the bargain so use this benefit all you can.

Glasses aren't just for seeing. They are to be seen.

Please please be sure they are in your colours. It makes all the difference to your look and also to your whole outfit. Please, please avoid black. They obliterate your face.

Spring wardrobesummer style

Staple no 9 A lovely lightweight jacket. Such a versatile piece. Have it long, short, mid length, lightweight, structured, loose, fitted,  sheer, plain coloured, printed, striped. So many options according to the outfit and the occasion.

Summer wardrobe

summer fashionsummer bags

Your staple no 10. Whether it's Vuitton, Boho or Faux a stylish bag completes your Spring look.

Just a few things to consider. Choose the right colour. Choose the right shape. Choose the right style for your outfit and choose the right size for your body and also for the balance of your outfit.

If you need more help putting the perfect Spring Capsule Wardrobe together according to you Seasonal Colours please contact me @Your Colours and Style.







  • Rhonda J

    Hi Rhonda J. Yes I totally here you, apart from colour body type and shape are very important. There are ways we all can wear our colours as well as our style. There are ways to wear off white jeans, no matter what size we are. Women think they must be very slim to wear lighter coloured pants but there are ways to conceal those areas we wish to hide. Thank you so much for your good comments.

  • Rhonda J

    Hi, love this Spring capsule wardrobe & already have a couple of the pieces…but help please. !!!! Apart from our colour palette, we also need to consider our body type & shape. We’re not all skinny stick insects like the beautiful model 🤣Yes I absolutely love soft white jeans too & wore them all the time when younger & 20kgs lighter. Ohhh now, what? Yes still love them but honestly, do they flatter my body shape. No! They look lovely on the size 6-8 model…but on a curvaceous older woman? I’m not sure they would be that flattering or body enhancing!!! So what to do? Be a slave to fashion or be intelligent & honestly reflect upon what is really best suited to our height, body shape as well as our “colours.” BTW I’m “a work in progress” & just might fit back into my size 10 jeans by Christmas. But…which Christmas one wonders 🤣

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