7 steps to transformation-Step 7 Dress your shape

How to dress your shape

Dress your shape

Our final step to your top to toe transformation is a 3 part step 7-Dress your age, dress your shape and dress your personality.

Part 2 of step 7 is -dress your shape.

Remember this all comes after you have determined your colours.

Colours is the basis to your image success.

Once you've understood your colours, all the rest will fall into place.

A simple way to dress your shape

dress your shape

Dressing your shape can be a complex equation of figures, dimensions and lengths, but there is a simple way for you to see what shapes, styles and designs best suit you.

I try to make this step as simple as possible for my clients, and learning to use our eye, is a great way to discover design. 

One good way is to imagine yourself as a rectangle.

Some of course will be more rectangle than others depending on height and thinness.

A rectangular shape that's 6 feet tall and a size 8 will look different to a rectangle that's 5 feet tall and a size 16.

Look at yourself in the mirror and think about balance. How can you make that rectangle more balanced, considering shoulder and hip width?

You can make your rectangle more elongated by adding heels for example and slimming down the pant width?

Or maybe having mono colours and no patterns, if you are aiming to look taller, will give you a better shape.

There are lots of little tricks to get that balance right.

What shape are you?-straight or curvy?

What is your body shape? What body shape are you?

To make life simple, I like to put women into only one of 2 categories for shape.

Of course there are many more, but as a personal stylist, I find this is simple way of dressing and it works every time.

You are either a straight shape or a curvy shape.

The straight shape is determined by a thicker waist. You may have a small or large bust. You may have a flat tummy or a fuller tummy especially as you mature. And as you mature, you may even develop a muffin top, which is very common.  In general you have smaller hips as well.

The curvy shape will always have a slimmer waist. Usually bigger hips and bigger bust size goes with the curvy look aka Kim Kardashian.

So you can imagine yourself as a rectangle with a tie around the middle to pull it in like a bow.

How to dress the 2 shapes

The curvy shape

Curvy figure

The curvier figure will look fabulous in fitted waisted clothes.

You can probably go a little tighter and more fitted. You're waist is an asset and belts and tuck ins are the go.

Often the curvy shape will have small shoulders with a large bust, scooped and cut out necks, minimizes and show off that feature.

Avoid detail around the hips, like pockets and stripes and frilled tops.

Fitted knee length skirts will slim down the hip area, but don't go too tight around the hips. 

Bring all the focus towards the slimmer waist or the lower cut tops. Remember less fabric and fullness "tidies" the whole look.

Jackets sit neatly just below the waist. The Chanel cut works wonders.

Each body is individual so a little trial and error always helps.

The straight shape

Straight figure

Of course the straight shape comes in all sizes. Dressing for success depends on your height and your size. A very tall slim person can wear lots of length and flow for example

A shorter straight figure should avoid garments that are too long and flowey as they will swamp you.

A general rule of thumb for most straight figures is to stick to classic shapes.

Avoid tuck ins or belts, unless you are very slim.

Fitted but not tight tops sitting around the belly button or a little below are usually a good length. Don't wear things that are too tight, but not too loose and sloppy either.Tailored and nicely fitted garments look great.

If you are a straight body shape with broad shoulders, adopt ways to minimize shoulder width, like creating V necks and have smaller jacket lapels and un padded shoulders. 

These little tips are only a guide. Like I said every body is different and you will always benefit from a personal shopping trip with the help of a professional personal shopper.







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