Dress for success 4 top tips

How to dress for success everytime

Want to know the keys to successful styling every time?

Here are the 4 top elements I have discovered work wonders. By adopting these easy principles you'll be looking 10 years younger and top to toe chic instantly.

Lets use the C A P S principal. C Dress your Colour. A Dress your age. P Dress your personality and S Dress your style or shape.

C-Dress your colour

As a colour consultant, I can't get away from the powerful influence of colour. Not just any colour, but your colours.

Simply put, wearing your colours makes you look your best. Always when you're wearing the colours that suit you, you look younger, more attractive and more vibrant.

Why don't women wear the right colours if this is the case?

Because  there are over 2.6 million colours or indeed an infinite number, the only way to determine the right colours, is to have an accurate analysis.

A-Dress your age

We've all heard that expression, "mutton dressed up as lamb" .

Here's a good example of wearing inappropriate colours and style in the before shot and although I would still make changes to the after shot with hair colour and hair style, you have to agree that the after shot is a great improvement.

To avoid that look the best thing to do is to make an assessment every decade.

We can't look like our 35 year old daughters no matter how hard we try.

As we mature, things change. Our body is different, our skin is different and our hair isn't as glossy and luxurious as a young woman's.

The best thing to do is to cover up more and to avoid things that highlight our less than perfect features. Be more subtle in our choices draws the right sort of attention.

Things like shimmers and shines draw attention to our flaws. 

Avoid too much detail and buckles and bling. And certainly look at the length of skirts and the depth of necklines.

P-Dress your personality

Chic and very stylish

I could be styling 2 women of exactly the same age and shape and colours but I would dress them completely differently according to their personality type.

Some women have bolder personalities and some have a more shy demeanor. Obviously I am not going to style the shy lady in bold styles, she just wouldn't be comfortable making such a bold announcement.

Even though there are many style genres, classic, chic, elegant, bold, boho, soft and feminine etc. you don't have to stick to one style. You will find there are many style types you can very comfortably wear. All this can be discussed at the time of your consultation to explore the style personalities that you feel very happy wearing. 

S-Dress your shape

Here's another classic example of what not to wear. Unflattering shapes are just that, very unflattering.

So how do we dress for success and how do we know what shapes or styles suit us?

I find this is the easiest way to determine the shapes that suit you.

Imagine yourself as a rectangle. You may be a triangle with broad shoulders and smaller hips or you may be an inverted triangle with small shoulders and wider hips like the image above. How are you going to balance out this look?

Think of broadening the narrow parts of your body and narrowing the broader parts.

So to broaden shoulders go for wider collars and padded shoulders. Draw attention to the top half of the body with featured jewellery and colourful scarves, or patterned tops as long as they're in your colour palette

Slim down hips by wearing sleek close fitting tops with no detail and pants with no features on the hips. Slimline skirts are flattering.

For more details on colour and style tips contact your colours and style.




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