Summer Style for Mature Ladies – Your Colours And Styles

Summer Style for Mature Ladies

How to dress this Summer

With weather warming and Summer's sizzling ,start thinking about how you're going to have some pizzazz this season.

What's hot, and how are you going to look up to date, smart, crisp and chic?

Linen is lovely

Europe sets the trend, and this season Linen is runaway style, not only for it's casual comfort but also for it's coolness factor and that lovely chic and effortless effect.

What you'll find is linen carries all the colours, that a well informed colour fan will be searching for on the shelves or online.

Begin with those casual sun dresses. So cool and friendly and just a delight to wear on those scorching days with a gorgeous raffia hat and sandals or summer espadrilles, which feature again. I guess it's because they are so easy to wear, light, comfy and great with shorts, dresses, pants or 3/4 pants.

For mature women, the straight shift is such a flattering style, because it  bypasses the belly, which is a consideration for many mature ladies. Go anywhere by including a small heel and a light jacket. 

Many designers are making styles like this up to a size 20, so keep your eye out online for these great staples if you are looking for those sizes.

Neutrals go with neutrals

Build your look with your neutrals first. Gain the colour knowledge from your colour consultant and always start with a professional colour analysis.

Colour is the key. There are so many stunning neutrals for you to choose from in your colour palette, so be informed about the sort of neutrals you should be wearing.

Neutral shadesSummer styles your colours and style

Add some colour

As a colour consultant, my motto is "when you look great, you're wearing your colours", simple as that. So after you have a professional colour analysis then explore the amazing world of colour and brighten your wardrobe with an array of magnificent shades.

With over 2.6 million shades or more, colour is a skill to learn , and a tool to use, when it comes to fashion and style, so gain as much knowledge as you can about the right colours for you to wear.

Yellow, green, red and many other colours dominate the season, so be sure you get these colours right. Wearing the wrong tones in these colours, will create a very drab and aging look.

Those night's out

Fortunately, for those hot evenings, smart casual can just about take you anywhere. There are so many lovely flowey dressy looks, that are light and cool and look fabulous.

Long dresses are fashionable for Summer 2019 and there are a lot of beautiful styles around, so shop around or check online for your options.

If you prefer mid length dresses, choose a style that flatters your body shape by highlighting the smallest part of your body. Eg. If you have a slimmer waist select garments that cinch in at the waist. If you have smaller hips, select items that are more fitted to the hip. Often higher waists are flattering to the curveless figure.

Summer fashion your colours and style

Hope this gives you some inspiration, to have fun with your Summer wardrobe.

Remember - have your colour analysis first.

Cull your existing wardrobe

Shop your wardrobe and then make a planned inventory on what you need to inject when you go shopping with your colour swatch

Summer seasonal colour swacth

For more information contact your colours and style



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