Christmas Capsule Closet

How to create the perfect Capsule wardrobe for Christmas.


Are you travelling at this time of year?

Or maybe having a super closet cleanout

Perhaps a little shopping with a little gift money.

Christmas or end of year is a great time to clear away the old and make way for the new.

With the shops full of exciting Summer Styles it’s almost impossible to resist a little wardrobe injection or two.

I have to believe it’s the colourful clothing that inspires us to go shopping at this time of year and the warmer weather that woos us toward looking light and fresh in lovely Summer colours.

But should there be a little more calculated approach to all this rather than a manic dash to the mall?

Anyone would think there is about to be a fashion drought by the way we obsessively shop.


My advice toward a functional and stylish wardrobe is get organised.

As for me, this year has been a real wake up call.

As my children have finally made a last ditch effort to leave home, I am delighted to have access to the many cupboards in my wardrobes.

Truck loads of treasures were sent off to the recycled rescue spot and a commitment to not buy anything more until I actually needed something new.

So far I have held that commitment for 2 months with no clothes, shoes, bags or accessory purchases.

Why? Do we really need any more clothes?

My clothes are now in one wardrobe and I have a better idea about what is actually there.

My next step is to cull again as I group all my garments. Pants, tops, dresses, coats, jackets etc. together.

Then I plan to colour code (in only my colours of course) from light to dark.

This way you have more of an idea what you own.

Have you ever been looking for that pink top, say, and not been able to find it because it’s squashed in amongst other pieces?

Now you can really see what you have, you can be realistic about your wardrobe.


If this does not go with that in your wardrobe, it’s because you still have colours that have no business being in your wardrobe.

The most organized gurus are the ones that are very strict with their colours.

Every item in your wardrobe should go with many other items

So get strict with your colours. Wearing the wrong colours, isn’t going to work anyway, so why bother.

Why look second best?


So how to create the perfect capsule wardrobe, that will take you everywhere?

What’s best to pack for your trip?

How to save money on your clothing?

How to create this goes with this, goes with this, goes with that?

Step 1 Have a professional colour analysis. How do you expect to look good without knowing your colours and purchasing the right things?

Step 2. Cull your wardrobe according to your colour palette.

Step 3. Take stock. Every plan has a starting point. What do you have to begin with?

Make an inventory

Step 4. Make a plan. Without a plan we plan to fail. Plan your outfits according to your lifestyle.

How many functions, what to wear to work, your going out clothes, you’re stay at home stuff. There are only so many days in a year. You might be surprised at just how much surplus you have.

 Step 5. Create outfits. If you are really serious,create different outfits on your bed and mix and match ideas.

Take photos, pin them to your pinterest boards. Going out outfits, casual outfits, beach outfits, formal outfits. Whatever your lifestyle dictates, make those outfits.

Step 6. Imagine the next season’s outfits and outings in the next few months and get those outfits together.

Step 7. Design looks that go from day to night by adding a jacket, a different necklace, high heels an evening bag.

Step 8.  See how few items you can employ, to create those outfits. This is your capsule wardrobe.

jacket for mature women

Shoes for evening wear

Jewellery for mature women


Remember you can mix it up. Make a work outfit into an evening outfit by adding different jewellery and shoes for example. Adopt these ideas, especially if you’re travelling.

You will be amazed. Just a very small number of garments can make many many outfits.

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