10 Years younger Foundation

YCS Cosmetics 10 years younger foundation

Hello all you Colour enthusiasts,

Hope you're all having or have had a great Christmas.

Looking forward as usual to the New Year and new challenges and positive changes.

The next few months, I will be focusing on the best year yet and the little changes we can make toward looking younger, healthier and brighter. We don't have to get older and frumpier, we can be older, wiser and lovelier.

Here are a few of my colour clients and students. How fabulous do they look? A few of them have applied their own make up as well in the "Youthful make up"Class.

Make up for a 10 years younger look.

This week we look at choosing the right foundation for a more youthful look and it's all about the right colour, of course.

YCS Foundations offer great colours and formulas, that make your skin look like you're not wearing any make up at all.

It's so easy to choose the right colour that matches your skin completely, and only a few colours covers a lot of skin tones.

So 01 means light skin

02 Medium skin tone and

03 for all the darker toned skin

I suggest an oil based foundation or the Complete cover Formula for mature women.

If you have oily skin, roseacea or open pores our lovely oil free formula FW22 is fantastic.

If you're not sure about the right colour make up give me a call.

Ros 0413875471.

For the month of January I am offering a FREE concealer for a more even look.

I will send a #104 that is suitable for everyone.

Enjoy the rest of your break and see you in 2020.

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