Your Wedding Colours

How to create your wedding with the right colours

bridal party colours


Your wedding will be aesthetically beautiful if you harmonize the whole day around certain colours.

Look at any wedding photo album and note the images that are professional to look at are those with the right colour scheme.

It's all about colour

Colour is the key to every image success. Photographers look for light and they look for good colour composition when they create beautiful images.

There are over 2.5 million colours to choose from or more. It's not difficult to choose the wrong colours, so how will you find the right colours for your bridal shots?

Consider colour for the following things-brides outfit, the mother of the bride or groom, the bridal party, shoes, hair colour, make up colours, venue colours and even photographic backdrops.

You can see how so many colours can be in the mix, so here are a few colour tips that will make all the other choices much easier and alleviate some of the stressful decision you need to make. 

The brides colours

bridal colours

Traditionally bridal colours are softer and more feminine. It's a good look when you're getting married.

You don't want to look back in a few years time and be shocked by some outrageous fashion choices you made.

I'm pleased to see most bridal houses are holding colours like ivory, champagne, beige, silver, silver pinks, rose and soft golds as well as soft pinks and blues to name the most popular tones.

Bridal make up colours

natural bridal make up

My recommendation for all my brides would be to wear colours that tone into your skin and look soft and natural

Heavy make up, dark eyes, overly shimmery eyes and cheeks and thick unnatural lashes are worn by young women today but this is a fashion that does not look natural and in my opinion very attractive either.

You want a look that is evergreen and proud to be seen for decades to come.

Mother of the bride colours

mother of the bride colours

Inkeeping with the bride, mothers can stay on the softer tones theme.

These colours will flatter mature women and give her a more youthful appearance.

Aside from having a colour analysis here are a few ideas. Stick with colours like soft taupes, champagnes, rose gold, soft gold, soft pinks and blues, just to name a few. A professional colour and style analysis will explore all your colour and style choices, so it's a great investment not only for the wedding but for the future as well, if you're one to like to look stylish and ageless.

My Mother of the bride choice is this rose gold  dress and shoes and I'll match the jacket in similar tones but with a more structured style than the jacket image here. Perhaps longer sleeves and a thin lapel

mother of the brideMother of the bride outfit


Mother of the bride hair

Interestingly enough, wearing the right hair colour can make all the difference to how you will look.

A simple tip is darker hair tones look great lightened a little and blonde tones need to look natural. Sometimes that requires blondes to go a shade darker.

Refer to your colour chart for the optimal hair colours for you.

mother of the bride hair

Bridal floral colours

Flowers come in a plethora of shades. Some are dominant colours, some are muted and some have a slightly warm tinge. Find flowers that blend into the colour scheme. Flowers arrangements can also look formal or casual so choose flower shapes that compliment your outfits. Usually softer petals look quiet formal.

wedding flowers

Colours for the bridal venue

You're venue will ask you for your colour scheme and it's another opportunity to keep the colour theme going.

For example if you're wearing soft beiges and ivory colours, you will want to avoid dominant colours like black and white and primary red for your table settings. Think about colour for everything.

Finally ask the photographer to take photos in the areas that are more natural as well, like the ocean and green spaces. These colours are natural and go beautifully with images of people.

wedding colours

For more information about your colours and style contact Your Colours and Style




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