How to cull your wardrobe

Steps to culling your wardrobe

Congratulations, once you have had your colour and style session now is the time to cull your wardrobe.

A successful cull is the way to dress for success.

At the moment, your wardrobe is full of the wrong colours and style which make it very difficult to extract the best outfits to wear.

In fact this mismatch is setting you up to fail every day. If your wardrobe is clogged with the things you shouldn’t wear, you will never see what you should wear.

This client thought she had nothing to wear. She wanted to clean out her wardrobe and then go shopping.

Once I removed at least 50% of her wardrobe and worked with what was left, she discovered so many lovely outfits she could wear. There was no need to go shopping after all. "what a transformation", not only of the wardrobe but her as well.

How often have you heard the expression “ a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear?

This will also hinder your fashion creativity, because you fail to work with top class key pieces.

Let the cull begin.

With seasonal swatch in hand begin to remove ALL the items that are not in your colours. If you’re a little confused about how to find the thousands of colours in your swatch, please contact me to find out.

Certain rules apply to find ALL the colours that are in your palette. Don't go darker than or lighter than. Don't go brighter or warmer than are some of the rules you will be given.

Remember your colours are more than the 32 little fabric swatches in your palette. Learning your colours well is the key to your Image Success.

If the thought of parting with these sentimental or expensive items is too painful, I would suggest putting them in another closet away from your core wardrobe for the time being. Work with your colours only from top to toe. Very quickly you'll realize how great you look, just by wearing your colours!

Be ruthless. I have revisited wardrobes years later only to find the same garments that should have been tossed out years ago, are still taking up valuable space.

Get some order in the closet

An ordered wardobe is a fashionable wardrobe.

Sort your wardrobe into warmer and cooler seasonal clothes.

Jackets, cardi’s and coats and heavier fabrics into your Autumn and Winter months wardrobe. This gives you space and clarity. Of course there are many trans seasonal items that can work all year round.

Categorize the garments.

Place all the garments into their category shirts with shirts, jeans with jeans. Jeans with pants for example.

It’s a lot easier to find a particular shirt or pant when all the pants and shirts are together.

You can also grade the garments by size.This helps to locate certain things. That way the skirts don’t get hidden amongst the pants.

Colour code the garments.

Working within your colour palette and colour coding your wardrobe starting from light tops to dark tops, light pants to dark pants, helps you to see exactly what you have.

How often have you deliberately gone out to buy a pink top for example only to find you already had 3 in the cupboard?

It’s a bit like the 3 jars of vegemite in the pantry, hiding behind the flour or salt.

Make an inventory

Time to take stock. Make a list of what you have.  4 pairs of jeans ,5 summer tops ,6 summer pants etc. It helps to locate where you’re at and to identify if you really are a shopaholic and you need help or not. Just joking. But really do you need to buy another pair of shoes when you already have 115 pair?

Make a shopping list

Do you have a grocery list when you go food shopping? This is to save time and money and to only buy WHAT YOU NEED.

If saving money and shopping smarter is a goal, a shopping list will help you to shop more wisely. There is sense of accomplishment when things are in order and we’re not spending money willy nilly.

Now just to let you know, I will be taking all this on board myself

I still have a way to go, but at least I'll have something to aim for.

My goal for 2019 is to shop smarter and stop buying things that are just impulse buys, lacking quality and style

Happy shopping.

If you would like to do a personal shopping trip with Your Colours and style, just follow the link to book.

Or you would like someone else to cull your wardrobe according to colours

Happy Culling. 

Your Colours and Style

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