10 Winter wardrobe essentials for mature women

 What to wear for Winter

Your winter wardrobe staples

Grabbing a few winter wardrobe staples can help to create a really functional and beautiful winter wardrobe so what are a few items and key pieces that you can target for that successful shop. And what are the items we as mature women can wear to look our best?

Avoid black

I always question why the shops are full of black when the weather turns black. Don’t we want to brighten our day?

By now you should be armed with your swatch and be aware of the stunning shades that will put you in the light this Winter.

If not I suggest you have that colour analysis you’ve always wanted to have. Without it you can never shop for success.

10 winter staples

Winter staple no 1. Longline jacket

Choose a neutral shade in your colours, that will go with every outfit if you want to capsulate your wardrobe.

If not you can choose a jacket in any of your colours. You will find it will go with all your outfits .

You might want to add a fleecy lined for those really cold days or travel. This long line is flattering and slimming. Avoid detail and wider lapels and side pockets if you prefer a more slimming option

Winter staple no 2 Scarf

Nothing keeps you warm like a wool knit scarf.

You can have 1 or 2 or many. There are so many looks you can create with a scarf, just google scarf ideas. You can alter and manipulate style with a scarf. You can use a scarf as a shawl.

Winter staple no 3 Colourful knit

A soft knit speaks comfort and warmth.

Go for a fine knit in cashmere or merino in many colours of course.  Always always in your colours.

You can do your online colour analysis here.Or you can have your colours done in person.

Be aware that dropped shoulders and high collars can make you look a little larger, broader and bustier.

Many mature women have fuller busts they want to minimise. This can be done with necklaces and scarves and jackets.

Winter staple no 4. Slim line full length pant.

Avoid palazzo pants and ¾ pants if you are not tall and slender.

A soft woollen mix fibre can add that extra warmth and create a sleek look.

Winter staple no 5 Leather jacket


Don’t go for the bikey look if you are a mature woman.

Avoid black and also avoid,  buckles and tassles and hells angel motifs. The soft kitten leather is very flattering. If you can find a leather jacket, with a small lapel, it’s perfect

Winter staples no 6 Ankle boots.

Don’t be tempted to wear knee high boots, they look ridiculous on a mature women or ones with heels that are too high. You don’t want to break a leg.

Ankle boots are the way to go

Winter staple no 7 Long sleeve shirt


Feminine,soft flowy silks and poly, printed or plain shirts to wear under your jacket, coat or cardi are beautiful.  Choose a style that flatters your figure

Winter staple no 8 Denim jeans and jacket

Winter ,summer ,autumn, spring is a great time for denim.

Just find the fit that’s perfect for you. You can dress denim up or dress denim down.

Winter staple no 9 A comfortable pair of flats in the latest styles

Many mature women are unable to wear heels, so a comfy pair of stylish flats go a long way.

Choose a good neutral shade that will go with most of the colours in your wardrobe.

Burgundy is a good staple colour

Winter staple no 10 stylish leather bag

Complete the look with a fashionable leather handbag in a style that highlights your shape and size. Remember balance when choosing the size of your bag

Be aware that sloppy slouchy styles can make us look sloppy and slouchy and not very professional, so avoid, if that is the look you’re wanting to achieve.



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  • Christine

    Hi Ros,
    It’s been this reading through your blogs. As a mature age parent, I have a 16yo daughter who is looking to start expanding her wardrobe a bit. Do you have any guidance as to the type of staples she could look at? It is a little haphazard at the moment but I thought that getting her into some good clothing selection habits will help her reduce our costly wardrobe mistakes.

    Also, I feel she is quite a classic dresser, but my 12yo will have completely different taste as their body shapes and taste are different. I presume the ‘staples’ remain the same?

    Thanks for your expertise which you love to share with us.

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