Your Winter Wardrobe


How to plan you're best winter wardrobe


Now is a great time to be thinking about getting your winter wardrobe organized

Have you culled your summer and winter clothes yet?

Best to move all your summer things to another wardrobe and then check out what you have in the closet from last season, in winter clothes.

I hope you are sorting with your seasonal colours in mind.

You can never create a functional and stylish wardrobe unless you are working around the colours that suit you.

Remember if you do only work with your colours, there are literally thousands of colours to choose from, so variety and co-ordination should never be an issue.

If your wardrobe is looking mono colours then something is seriously wrong.

Get out your colour swatch and get creative with the many colours you can wear. Learn about how to choose your colours according to your colour swatch and seasonal colours. If you need help I can help you with that.

Once you have chosen the right colours then the simple style tips I share can help you to choose the right outfits you’ll love.


 The best way to plan your wardrobe is to start with your staple pieces, in your seasonal colours of course

What are your staple pieces?

Well most women these days wear pants and tops and jackets as their go to outfit. If you’re a dress woman then a dress and jacket or skirt, top and jacket are your go to.

But I love to wear mostly pants, tops and jackets or cardis and jumpers and a lot of women love that as well, unless we are off to a formal event.


Most of us buy way too many clothes, including me. If we were more discerning we could have more beautiful and expensive clothes if we had a clothes budget plan. By this I mean work out how much you can spend annually and then monthly on clothes and then shop accordingly. Now there’s a challenge, I’ve yet to conquer myself.

Decide how many items you need in each category. For example how many winter coats, winter pants, winter tops, jackets etc.

Then look at your shoes and accessory budget.

If you plan to but 2 pairs of new shoes each season and you have allocated so much for shoes, then you will probably not be tempted to but more than 2 pair and you will wait until you find the perfect pair. If you’re not organized this way, when you are in the shops you’ll be tempted to buy the first pretty thing you see.

The same goes with things like coats. Plan to buy 1 or 2 winter coats in your colours and style. The right colour will go with all your outfits. Then shop around until you get the one you love.  Be a smarter shopper not a waster shopper.


Now all these things apply to online shopping as well.

 Like I said on my facebook post this week. Online shopping is easy when you know your colours and style.

Hope this helps and let me know how you go with your winter wardrobe.

If you need help planning your winter wardrobe contact Your Colours and style

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