5 tell tale signs you're not wearing your colours


For 13 years as a colour and image consultant, I have realised women are confused about colour.

Even if they have had their colours diagnosed.

Why would this be the case?

I believe for 3 main  reasons.

The first is there are an infinite number of colours

 Read this excerpt I found on Google.

 How many colours are there in the world?

 There are just 24 crayons in this box, but imagine all the colours you can make with them, some creativity and different objects to colour on.

Colours also appear in different modes when they appear on different objects such as surfaces, light sources, or within volumes. Different people also have slight differences in the way they see colour.

Since we can see at least 10-million colours in a single viewing condition and the variety of viewing conditions and observers is endless, then the only truly correct answer is infinity. If we have 10-million colours, times 10-million lighting types, times 10-million lighting levels, times 10-million surrounding colours, times 6-billion people in the world, times 3 modes of viewing we get a really huge number.

The result of that multiplication is 18 followed by 33 zeros (18,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000), or 18 decillion.

That might not quite be infinity, but is close enough since all those estimated numbers are probably on the low side.

And there is no way to exactly measure each of them. To learn more about the names of really big numbers, visit Jim Loy .com

The 2nd reason is simply they have had their colour misdiagnosed. With an infinite number of colours and a multitude of different colour systems, diagnosis is all in the interpretation.

The 3rd reason why women are confused about colour is because they don’t understand what category each colour is allocated to.

Now let’s put all the technical stuff aside and keep it simple.

I like to help my clients by showing them the palette that suits them and then helping them identify their multiplicity of colours in an easy to follow way

So how do you know IF you are not wearing your colours?

  1. You will have a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear.

 Now if you are wearing your colours and your wardrobe is full of only your colours this would be impossible, as every garment will co-ordinate with every other garment in your closet.

  1. You will have trouble shopping

If you know your colours you will not have trouble shopping because there is just too many choices.


 3. You will be looking older than you should

Looking older in your clothes is another tell tale sign you’re not wearing the right colours for you because, the wrong colours are aging


  1. You will be trying to match everything with black

This is a common problem with women that are just confused about their colours.

Black is not a colour. Starting your wardrobe with black and then trying to match it up with everything is a fashion disaster.


5. You will look like a miss mash.

Some bold women will attempt to wear colour. But bold is not always a complimentary look when you’re a mature women. Wearing the wrong colours can certainly look very interesting.



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