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Wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear

Why do I have nothing to wear?


How often have I heard the expression, "a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear"?

How many women actually have this experience?

Pretty sad really, when most of us make fashion shopping a regular sport.

Buying more, enjoying it less, is really common.

We probably would spend a whole lot less on clothes if we actually knew what we were doing.

How exciting would it be if we actually knew what suited us and were confident that everything we chose looked great on us?


A great thing to do on a regular basis is have a wardrobe cull.. If your wardrobe is jammed packed you can't see the forest for the trees.

If your wardrobe is bulging with the wrong colours for you, there is a very high chance you are going to create some really drab outfits

The reason for this is you are probably mixing clothes that don't co-ordinate. You may be mixing outfits from a number of different colour palettes

More than anything, the right colours help you to co-ordinate your wardrobe.

Makes sense doesn't it? We co-ordinate the colours in interior design, why wouldn't we co-ordinate the colours in our wardrobe.

Remove the colours that aren’t in your colour palette is the very first and most important thing to do

We look our best in our colours, no question about it.

Sort the various seasons into different cupboards.

 When the warmer weather strikes you can start moving the heavier garments, like coats and cardis into another room.

Thin out and categorize your clothes for easy access and visibility.

It’s amazing how many outfits you can make with a tiny wardrobe when everything is in the right colours.

Sort shoes, bags and accessories as well.

Lay the outfits on the bed.

Laying the outfits on the bed or floor is a good way of creating multiple “looks”

If you have the right colours, for example one pair of pants should go with every top.

One jacket should go with every outfit.

Accessories are chosen in line with the season and feel of the outfit. Mixing and matching accessories can also create lots of different outfit ideas.

Take lots of images of your outfits so you know exactly what’s there.

Create an inventory

Once you have chosen the individual garments for the season, now is the time to get your garment inventory happening.

For example. 2 pairs of denim jeans, 1 pair of coloured jeans, 5 t-shirts, 1 denim jacket etc.

List each item and major accessory item on a spread sheet or exercise book.

You can even take photos and create a pinterest board or boards.

This is a great way to keep track of your wardrobe library.

Prepare a seasonal shopping list.

Once you have completed all the preparation, culled , removed, created and made an inventory,  now is the time to make a shopping list of the items you'd like to inject into your wardrobe.

Or you may not. You might find there are plenty of outfits for the season and there's no need to buy a thing.

How good would that be?

You will be amazed at just how many outfits you have created, and you and your budget might be pleasantly surprised, at how little if any shopping you need to do.

I always like to say that knowing your colours, can save you so much time and money.

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