How to choose the right foundation for mature skin

The right foundation colour for mature skin

Choosing a foundation that's right for your skin colour is a problem many women face.

There are 1000's of shades of foundation on the market and lots of different brands and formulas. How are you going to choose the right one? 

Is there a foundation that can make you look younger and more glamorous without looking like a made up doll?

And what can you do to avoid making the make up mistakes that are so common?

Colour is the main thing.

How many times have you purchased a foundation and not been happy with it?

Have you EVER been happy with your foundation?

Do you feel you look younger, fresher and attractive in your foundation?

Here are a few key tips that will ensure you make the best choice for make up confidence.

5 top tips for choosing the right colour foundation

  1. Colour is the key. Foundation needs to match your “under” skin tone to look natural. Make up artists and colour consultants use different techniques to determine what colours are best for you. But when it comes to foundation for mature women, my 13 years of experience tells me that beige, neutral and pink tones are more flattering to older women.

 Flattering foundation


  1. Choose a foundation you cannot see on the skin. This sounds counter intuitive but a lustrous skin look is gained with a foundation that isn’t detectable on the face.


  1. Apply a sheer layer of make up. Foundation looks more natural if it’s applied very thinly and not like a mask


  1. Don’t go to light. To avoid a wishy washy look that makes you look tired and lacklustre don’t choose a foundation shade that is too light or white


 Make up is too light and white

  1. Don’t choose a colour that’s too dark or orange.

 Many make up manufacturers use a base that is very yellow or orange. Young women seem to like this look, but it gives a heavy coverage and a dark, heavy and aged look

 Make up too orangey and dark


 YCS Foundations

Foundations for mature skin in the right colours.

YCS Foundations are amazing for mature women.

The creamy textures work well with drier skins particularly.

The wonderful thing about YCS Foundation is 3-4 shades will suit almost every woman, relieving all the stress of going through hundreds of colours to choose the right one for you.

Most mature women will need an oil based foundation for a dewy finish. Very few woman over the age of 40 have an oily skin. If you do, you can easily choose an oil free formula.

Here is how to get the right shade

01 is for light skin tone

02 is for medium skin tone

03 is for deep skin tone

04 is for dark skin tone.

The 3 formulas above FH Hydrating formula, Cover all foundation and wet and dry foundation can be used on it’s own or as a light dusting powder.

So choose the formula you like.

Eg. Hydrating formula. If you are light you will be FH01, Medium FH02, Deep FH03 very dark FH32.

Cover all foundation

Light #201

Medium #202

Dark #203

Deep #204

Wet and dry

Light #31

Medium #32

Dark #45

You also can have your colour matched over the phone.

All products are 100% Money back guarantee or you can change your colour for the next shade.

For further information

Contact Your Colours and style




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