How to look 10 years younger

How to look 10 years younger

Mature women want to look fabulous. We want it all.  Gone are the days when women in their 60’s, 70’s and even in their 80’s are looking like “old” grannies.

Women are younger looking, fitter, stronger and more motivated than ever to finish their race well.

How about you? What age group are you positioned in? And what category do you find yourself under? Fit, fabulous and fashionable or old and frumpy and unfashionable?

If you’re feeling more in the old, frumpy and unfashionable group, there are so many changes you can make to reach your end goal.

Your Colours and Style works with mature women to achieve their image potential.

As a colour specialist and personal stylist, I have seen thousands of mature women reach their image potential. If you are longing to find the answers to style success, follow these few top tips and see your changes come to life.

Here are a couple of my top secrets to change

My No 1 top secret to looking 10 years younger is to wear your colours always

If you are looking younger, slimmer and more attractive, chances are you are wearing your colours often.

If you are looking old, frumpy and outdated, chances are you are wearing the wrong colours most of the time.

As a colour expert, I make no apologies for this No 1 top tip to style. Colour is the key to your image success. Why don’t women wear their colours then all the time? Because they don’t know what they are. Because they have been given the wrong advice. Because they don’t understand the colour palettes and because there are millions of colours in the colour palettes.

So you must have an accurate colour analysis, with professional colour advice to understand the seasonal colours that suit you. Please don’t try the DIY, unless you try our online colour course that has a back up check of your colours, with ongoing assistance.

Top tip no 2 Get the right hair colour and hair style

Every top to toe transformation starts from the top down.  So begin with your crowning glory. A simple hair cut and colour can take 10 years off immediately.

 A total transformation can be made with a precision cut and colour.

Top secret tip no 3. Get the right colour make up.

Are you stuck in the make up rut from decades ago?

Wearing the colours in your colour palette and the right formulas will make your face lovely, dewy and youthful. Of course good skin care is important as well. You can go from old to young instantly with the right make up.

Make the change

The changes are up to you. Now is the time to do something a little differently and make those changes that will make a big difference to your appearance.

You will have more confidence and you will enhance your natural beauty, which is what all women want.

See you looking 10 years younger.

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