Wrong colours and styles for mature women

Having trouble dressing yourself?

How to create a frumpy outfit "What not to wear"

Are you a mature woman and complain there is just nothing in the shops for you to wear?

Dressing was so much easier when you were 10 years younger and now you just seem confused about your fashion choices and nothing seems to look "right" anymore.

Actually you may be feeling quite depressed or resolved that you're just getting older and you will never look great again.

How sad that women have to go down this road, when there's a simple and easy solution.

You CAN get your style back and have a functional and stylish wardrobe. Style is not dependent on age, status or size.

Every woman can look lovely at every age.

Style for mature women in the right colours "Stylish older woman"

No need to feel fat and frumpy

Did you know that wearing the wrong colours and style can make you look pounds heavier and much older and frumpier?

Just a simple change of colours and style can update your wardrobe instantly.

All your best efforts to look your best are sabotaged when you're unaware of your colour palette and the styles that  flatter your body shape.

Of course body shapes change as we age unless you are a genetic freak.

Take a look at this image below, a typical example of an online outfit in the wrong colours and style, that make shopping stylishly a real chore.

Of course this model is young, but older women are shopping these styles with very drab outcomes. And as we age the wrong colours and styles are not a good look.

What not to wear fo mature women "Wrong colours and style"

The right colours and the right styles for mature women

Style for matuire women "Chic at every age"

There is no need to have an "aged" look, no matter what your birthday is.

We've all seen the 90 year old woman that defies the clock and looks classic, gorgeous and elegant.

There are really only 3 things to think about, to maintain your style throughout the ages.

1. Is this my colour?

2. Does this style flatter my shape and is the outfit balanced?

3. Does this look suit my personality?


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